You can have the best glass product in the world. It can be the most thermally efficient. It can have the best spacer bars. The lowest U-Value. But if the company supplying the best product in world isn’t reliable, what is the point? If they’re running late with deliveries all the time, have quality control issues and generally have a poor customer service, the best product in the world is as good as the most mediocre. This is why Ecoglass, suppliers of high quality IGUs in the South East of the UK, put reliability as high as product quality on their agendas.

Gaby Mendham from Ecoglass says:

At Ecoglass, we have always prided ourselves on a commitment to the quality of our products and setting a whole new benchmark for the industry. Along side quality, a supplier you can rely on to deliver complete orders on the requested date has always been the top two needs of our customers within the industry.

Nothing can be more frustrating to a customer when an expected delivery doesn’t arrive or is not complete, which leads to extending the time of fitting, postponing work and ultimately letting the end customer down, Ecoglass is a supplier you can rely on.

60 years and going strong

You don’t stay in business for over six decades by fluke. You stick around that long by having good business principles, one of which is reliability. One of my own biggest personal gripes is poor reliability. For example, if a manufacturer says something is going to be delivered on a certain day at a certain time, I expect that delivery to be made – excluding things out of the control of the drivers of course i.e. weather or vehicle break downs. But other than that, late or non-deliveries are unacceptable in this day and age. This is why Ecoglass have lasted so long. Their customers have been able to rely on their services to ensure that their own businesses function as smoothly as possible.

We all know how the industry has suffered from a skills shortage this year, leading to a rise in complaints about poor customer service and reliability. This is why when the industry is under such pressure from an increase in business, you use a supplier you can rely on. The less you have to worry about your suppliers performing, the more time you can spend on making sure your own business is running as smoothly as possible. If you need a new glass supplier you can truly rely on and gives you high end products at the same time, I suggest you look at the contact details below.

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