With replacement conservatories on the up in a big way and orangery sales showing signs of life again, the demand for conservatory roof glass is going to rise for quite a while if you believe the latest market reports. If customer’s aren’t going for solid roofs, then they are going for glass roofs instead. The polycarbonate roofs of old that were too cold, too hot, far too noisy when it rained, are very much a thing of the past now. Customers want to brighten up their conservatory, make it quieter, make it warmer. But if they’re going for a glass roof, they’re going to want to make sure it’s easy to clean too.

Bioclean glass from Ecoglass

This is where Bioclean glass (more commonly known as self-cleaning glass to the industry) from Ecoglass is going to fit that demand perfectly.

Bioclean glass is a product that cleans itself – a feature that is vital for a glass roof with all those clear views up to the skies! Bioclean glass is also available in three shades; Aqua, Natura and Azura. These tints provide protection from the worst of the glare caused by sunlight, and they look good too, especially on white frames. Bioclean glass also works to reduce condensation, reflect more heat away when needed and keep in more heat when needed too.

The requirement for a product such as Bioclean is high, and will only go higher. In fact it almost seems odd to fit a glass roof without a glass that cleans itself. For the end user, the idea of a roof that keeps their conservatory more comfortable, as well as keeping their maintenance efforts down is a bonus. Lets face it, no one likes cleaning a conservatory roof. It’s awkward, it’s time consuming and depending on the location, dangerous. So if a roof has a product like Bioclean glass to do the work for you, then that’s going to be one less chore on the list!

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