Triple glazing is coming, whether you like the product, believe in it or not. With the major national companies now advertising the product, that is sure to generate public interest. And when public interest starts to gain momentum, so does the demand for the product in question. So, if you’re an installer buying in frames un-glazed, or a fabricator buying in glass for your own frames, are you ready for the arrival of triple glazing?

I bet most aren’t. I think there still remains a certain negativity about it which is causing some reluctance from some installers and fabricators. But whether we like it or not, the product is going to become more popular and we’re all going to be fitting more of it. Now that it’s out there in the public domain and companies like Anglian and Everest are advertising it, demand from the general public is going to rise. And we have to be ready for it. If you’re based in the South East of the UK however, Ecoglass are on hand to help you settle into this new and emerging market.

Gaby Mendham from Ecoglass was one of the most impressive speakers at this year’s Triple Glazing Debate in April, where the industry convened to really get to grips with triple glazing as a product and to try and find a way forward for the industry to promote it. The speech from Gaby was the most candid, informative and direct out of all the speakers, and really shed some light on the logistics and practicalities of triple glazing. It also indicated that as a company, Ecoglass were probably about the most prepared business when it came to understanding triple glazing and the difficulties that would have to be overcome in order to make it a product worth producing.

Ecoglass are ready to help you with any triple glazing requirements you might need if you’re based in the South East of the UK. It’s going to be a growing market in the coming years, so it’s better to be one of the first ones on the bandwagon rather than the last.

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