Everest research shows that many British households are spending up to £300 per month on energy bills. That’s an awful lot of hard earned cash slipping through people’s fingers, or to be more accurate, drifting out through their windows.

Heat generated inside your homes often leaves through windows due to the outdated or insufficient technology that lies within the panes of glass.

What’s more, the vast majority of people appear willing to accept it and do very little to improve their situation as the months and years roll on. This means that an excess of two million UK households are paying over the odds for their energy bills – a particularly worrying statistic for over 45’s and 65’s, who suffer greater health risks from the cold.

So what can be done to turn this predicament around? A lot of it comes down to educating the customer.

Just a little understanding on how particular types of glass work as well as what makes certain windows better can significantly reduce the energy used within homes.

Approximately 31% of homeowners have never updated their windows, but 29% of the people who have upgraded went on to say their subsequent savings have had a positive impact on their lifestyle.

There are signs that the importance of thermal insulation is catching on, 10% of Brits saying they are looking to save money via heating in 2015 and over three million residents saying they intend to improve their home at some point during the year.

Everest’s Product Manager, Jill McLintock, recently undertook a series of radio interviews to tackle questions about energy loss and also to share the company’s findings with the British public.

Indeed, it is Everest’s concern and attention to detail involving such matters that has always led them to design products that solve problems in an innovative way, and with Everest’s new triple glazed windows offering an unprecedented A+21 WER Rating, there is at least a way to ensure you stay warmer and wealthier for many winters to come.