When it comes to door colours, white is certainly on the fall. White windows and doors have been the staple for most homes in the UK for the past three or four decades. But we have come a long way since then, and the colour of windows, and especially doors, has been an area that has exploded in the last few years. Black has been a popular colour of choice for external doors. Could black become the new white though?

All the same

It’s been nice to see plenty of colour being used on doors. White is very old fashioned now and homeowners are clamouring for something different when it comes to door colours. Black seems to be the most popular choice right now. There are plenty of composite doors out there in black, as well as PVC, timber and aluminium doors. In fact if you walk down most streets now I’d bet you’d see at least one black door on each of them.

But there lies the problem. Has black become too popular too quickly? You can see why people have chosen black. It’s at the opposite end of the scale to white. It most likely matches some other black detail on the house. It’s the safest colour when it comes to matching with existing white windows. Black doors can look nice on most houses. But their popularity has rocketed, almost to the point where it’s too popular.

More than just black

It won’t be too long before we streets half populated with black doors of one form or another. A lot of it is driven by neighbour envy. If one person on the street sees their neighbour change their door, it’s not too long before others start to do the same. It’s a good thing for business. I suspect neighbour envy is a great business driver for many companies!

There is a distinct danger though that black doors will become too popular and therefore lose their charm and appeal. Should we be doing more to promote other colours though? If you take a look at these below, they are a greta example of how other colours can look just as good, if not better than black does:


Could it be also the case that black doors are easy for the industry to sell so homeowners just go along with it? Possibly. We are a lazy industry at times and fall back to the easiest thing to sell quite often.

Either way, we should be promoting the use of all colours to give homeowners something unique to them, not what the rest of the street has got. Variety is the spice of life as they say!

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