Ever wondered who the top 10 companies were in the UK window industry? Well, the recent Insight Data Window Industry Report has shed some light on that, as well as comparing those companies to their positions in the previous year. They in fact produced two sets of data; a top 3o list of companies based on turnover, and a top 30 list of companies based on net worth. Below are the top ten from each set of data.

Top 10 companies based on turnover

1 (1) Anglian Windows Ltd – £229,154,000
2 (3) Safestyle UK – £124,796,392
3 (2) Everest Ltd – £120,372,000
4 (4) A and B Glass Company Ltd – £36,885,882
5 (5) Camden Group Ltd – £29,557,800
6 (6) Crystal Windows and Doors Limited – £27,489,909
7 (7) Sidey Limited – £24,969,808
8 (8) Nationwide Windows Ltd – £23,825,399
9 (10) Sovereign Group Ltd – £20,753,662
10 (9) Total Glass Ltd – £20,345,123

The number in the brackets represent the position of the company in 2013. Top of the pile is Anglian, and by some difference. They were top in 2013 and looking at the size of the gap between first and second place, they were always going to come top of the pile.

Whether you like them or not, Safestyle UK rose a place from third to second. The pressure will be on the company since their stock market listing as investors will expect to see returns on their money. Can’t see them coming close to Anglian any time soon though.

Everest make up the top three, swapping places with Safestyle UK, dropping from second to third. The company is going through some rather drastic changes internally, and have launched a wide new range of products. They will be hoping that by the time the 2015 report comes out, those changes will have helped them reclaim second place.

Together, the top three companies generate an enormous amount of turnover, and stand a league above the rest of the industry.

Top 10 companies based on net worth

1 (1) Anglian Windows Ltd – £65,477,000
2 (2) Safestyle UK – £19,492,273
3 (3) Crystal Windows and Doors Limited – £12,277,821
4 (4) Graham Holmes Astraseal Limited – £8,269,527
5 (8) Sekura Trade Frames Ltd – £6,776,123
6 (5) Tradelink Direct Ltd – £6,253,480
7 (7) Solar Windows Ltd – £6,027,786
8 (6) Camden Group Ltd – £5,068,232
9 (12) CWG Choices Ltd – £4,959,492
10 (9) Nova Group Ltd – £4,843,364

It’s no surprise, given the giant amount of turnover they generate, that Anglian are top of this list as well. As are a few others. Some notable names in the first top ten though are missing from this one.

When you look at the top tens, and both the full top thirty lists produced by the report, it demonstrates to me that the industry is once again returning to more profitable and healthy environment. A sign that both the wider economy, and our sector also, are performing well again. How long this will last is anyone’s guess. There are still a number of external factors that could provide a shock or two. So best to make hay!

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