If ever there was a construction project to be proud of, it is the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, New York City. I visited the site during New Years week 2012/2013 and it was the most impressive yet sad place I have ever been. The memorial fountains are immense, there’s no other word. Just immense. And at the time construction of One World Trade Centre was approaching the top of the main part of the building.

It was a humbling place. Architecturally speaking, it was highly impressive. Those who have been to the memorial gardens and seen it for themselves, as well as the general construction area, will know how vast this place actually is. They will also know how haunting and moving it is too.

While we were there, there was a quiet that the rest of the city did not have. A quiet borne out of respect and shock at what actually happened nearly 14 years ago. There were a few moved to tears. If any of you are planning to go to New York soon, I urge you to go see this place. You won’t regret it.

Time really has moved on, and it’s difficult to believe that it is nearly 14 years since the attacks took place. It is also 11 years since construction started at the World Trade Center site. And to mark this milestone and the completion of the main tower, Earth Cam has released a magnificent time lapse video of the construction of One World Trade Centre from start to finish.

Impressive don’t you think? From a glazing perspective, it looks amazing. Like a bevelled glass monument to success and resilience.

After having been to the city and talked to the people there, I know how much this will mean to New Yorkers. The attack is still very raw for every person in the city, and you can tell. So seeing this rise out of the ground and look as spectacular as it does will be inspiring and a very proud moment.

Well done to NYC and to all those involved in the completion of One WTC and the rest of the work still ongoing!

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