It happens once every five years. Not as exciting as a World Cup or the Olympics, but arguably more important. Today George Osbourne will announce his spending review, along side the annual Autumn Statement. Including the Budget earlier on this year, that will be three UK Government financial statements in one year. Do we really need that many?

DGB will be keeping an eye on events with it’s unique live page service, bringing you the biggest points of the statement, alongside some personal opinion and analysis.

Key points to look out for:

  • Housing – Osbourne is rumoured to be giving the housing sector a kick up the backside with a promise to build 400k new homes. Something that will be of interest to the UK window and door sector
  • Health – front line NHS services look set for a boost, but other services such as training, bursaries and public health services may be cut
  • Defence – given the turmoil the world is in right now, Osbourne is expected to provide more details about spending on defence and the armed forces
  • Sterling – keep an eye on the price of sterling during Osbourne’s speech. It’s already down this morning

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