As we end the year, put our feet up and enjoy some well deserved food and drink, we also start to look forward to the coming year. It’s been a tough one this year, perhaps more challenging than most thought it would be. Given that in mind, I ran a poll recently to see what people thought 2016 would bring to the UK window and door market, at least in terms of trading performance.

The poll and results:

This was the polling question:

In trading performance, will 2016 be a good year for the window and door industry?

and the results that followed:

I think you can look at this two ways. You can choose to see it as 44% of people, the largest voting group, believe that 2016 is going to be better than this year. Or you can choose to see it as less than half of people who voted believe that 2016 is either going to be the same, or worse than this year. There’s no definitive answer, which points overall to uncertainty.

The nice thing with anonymous polls like this one is that you can get some honest answers. 13 people voted to say that they thought 2016 was going to be a disaster. That the economy wasn’t as strong as people think it is. This gives us a hint that for some companies, perhaps in specific areas of the UK, the window and door market is struggling.

Personally, I believe that 2016 is going to be an even more challenging year than this one. A number of economic factors will make sure of that. It’s going to take an extra special effort and some serious hard work if trading performance is going to better that of this year. But lets not get too heavy at this time of year!

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