Yesterday I published a list of the top ten most read posts published in 2015. If you click here you can jump to that and spend an hour reading up on the best stuff on DGB this year as you watch that clock tick slowly away on what is probably your last day at work this year.

Once you’ve read that, jump back here, as below are the ten most read posts on DGB of all time. Bearing in mind this site is nearly seven years old, there has been a lot of content published, so I’m hoping it makes for some half-decent reading!

10. Lock-Snapping Makes BBC Appearance!

Lock-snapping, a problem that has beset the industry since 2005 or even earlier, has finally been recognized on television with it’s own dedicated slot on the Inside Out program which aired in the Yorkshire region tonight.

The program highlighted the issue with all double glazed PVCu doors which currently have a standard euro-profile door cylinder. The program finally made aware the mass general public, at least in this region, that there is a serious issue and that something needs to be done about it.

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9. Is There Such A Thing As An Energy Efficient Bi-Fold Door?

Guest post from Mark McLean: Coming from an energy efficient background, predominantly based around the principals of passivhaus, we have to constantly come up with ways of incorporating the latest glazing gimmicks. Bi-fold doors over the years have grown in popularity thanks to shows such as CH4’s restoration man and Grand Designs. These shows always manage to incorporate glazing elements such as bi-fold doors and large format glazed doors, but has anyone of late actually checked the regulations in regards to these systems and had a look at specification sheets of bi-fold door systems?

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8. Time Ticking For The Polycarbonate Roof

Just like the transition of panel doors to composite doors, the days of the polycarbonate roof might be numbered.

Why do I say this? I say this because over the last few years the cost of glass roofs has come down quite significantly, with the difference between a reasonably sized polycarbonate roof now standing at just a few hundred pounds. If you have a customer spending £15,000 on a new conservatory, the dilemma of spending just a few hundred extra pounds on whether to have a glass roof instead of polycarbonate isn’t really a dilemma at all. They would just pay it.

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7. PVCu vs Aluminium

This is probably one of the greatest debates in our industry, and probably will be until the day we all retire! Is PVCu better than Aluminium?

Me, @NigelGrantUpvc, @AlumTradeSupply and @LegacyWindows have been having an argument (debate) on the pros and cons of PVCu windows vs Aluminium. Both materials have their pro’s and cons and both have their uses in particular areas. But overall, which is best?

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6. External Condensation

It’s getting to that time of year again folks. Nope, not the nights drawing in, though that is a big down side to this time of year. I’m referring to the bane that is external condensation of energy efficient windows.

I’m pretty sure that every installations company has had a call in the past couple of years from a customer either wondering what all that condensation is on their south facing windows or they’re just very disgruntled and accusing you of not telling them that this would happen. To combat the latter point, at this time of year I do point out that during certain temperature differences between the house and externally, and only at certain times of the year, you may get condensation on the outside of the outer pane. This seems to work out fine with all my customers so far.

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5. National Average Prices Survey: Results

Back in May I started a survey which aimed to try and collate enough information to work out the national average price of some of the most popular work done within our industry. I didn’t get quite as many responses as I wanted in the end, but I think I have enough now to paint some sort of fairly accurate picture of the situation as it stands. So, what is going to follow is the 8 questions I asked people to fill in, along with the average based on the information given, as well as the highest and lowest answers too. The information given was done anonymously so no figures can be linked to any company. Here we go…

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4. Bi-Folding Doors – Which Material Is Right For Your Project?

In recent years, bi-fold doors have become a popular alternative to patio doors and have the benefit of being able to cover larger areas of the home with glass, creating a focal point for the room and letting natural light flood in. Although choosing the right bi-fold doors for a project isn’t complicated, it does require some careful consideration when it comes to aesthetics, longevity, security and maintenance of the material.

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3. Solidor At Odds With Door-Stop

Gareth has done well for Solidor, and for that, kudos. What he has done is do well with a business in what is a very shrinking market in my opinion. He’s managed to take a good deal of the market share – or what’s left of it. But overall, from what I can see, the door panel sector is a sector with it’s days numbered. In the whole of the year so far, I have sold just two door paneled doors. The rest have been composite and engineered PVC doors. We haven’t been pushing one type over another. We just haven’t had customers coming through the door asking for them.

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2. FENSA vs Certass: What’s The Difference?

FENSA and Certass, two of the double glazing industry’s biggest self certification bodies. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

Lets start off with what we know so far. FENSA currently has a membership of 8713 and Certass can lay claim to 1850 members. Certass is up on previous numbers and FENSA is slightly down. Together they both represent over two thirds of the double glazing industry, which on the face of it makes for a powerful statement. One of the easiest ways to try and figure out the differences is how they describe themselves:

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1. Tackling The Trickle Vent Issue

I have sent the following e-mail to Mr Tyson Anderson in response to his article in the latest issue of the GGP magazine:

“Dear Mr Tyson Anderson:

I work for a double glazing installations company in West Yorkshire, and was particularly interested in your article about trickle vents in response to Paul Jervis’ in the last issue.

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This list has been compiled according to the number of page views each of these stories has massed throughout the lifespan of DGB. And out of the well over 2000+ articles and features that have been published on here, I do have to scratch my head and wonder how a post about trickle vents of all things has managed to work it’s way to the top. By over 9000+ extra visits compared to the number two story. It must rank well on SEO. It’s the only reason I can think of. No one can get that excited about trickle vents!

Either way, that is the top ten most read posts on DGB of all time. An eclectic mix, but one that you all hopefully find engaging.

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