As we look at the first half of 2016 in the rear view mirror, now seems like a good time to take stock and take a swift look at the top 10 most read posts published on DGB so far.

There has been a lot to talk about in 2016 so far, and we’re not into August yet!

We’ll start with the tenth most read post and work our way up.

10. These Could Be The Product Battle Grounds At This Year’s FIT Show

With the FIT Show coming up in April, we could see those battles played out. These are the niches which could hot up nicely during those few days… [read more]

9. From £21K To £6K In Two Moves

There are two types of installation companies in our industry; those that use highly inflated discount structures and those who give their best price in the first place. We all know of course that some companies use very inflated discount structures… [read more]

8. This Is One Of The Best Glazing Industry Ads I’ve Seen In A While

It takes a lot to grab my attention when it comes to glazing industry advertising. Much of it is very dull. Especially when it comes to video and TV advertising. To me, it’s very difficult to create a decent TV advert… [read more]

7. Three Directions The Fenestration Industry Could Go In

There is certainly a wide and varied menu for installers to choose from when it comes to products right now. It could be argued too much. It was a subject I approached in a post the other day. But this current period of mass diversification cannot last forever. The dust will have to settle… [read more]

6. Three Products To Watch In 2016

For many this will be the first day back to work after a well earned Christmas break. So, to start the New Year off, here are three products that I believe are going to be red hot this coming year… [read more]

5. FIT Show Review: The Products

I was contemplating one huge single review of last week’s FIT Show, but the more I thought about it, it would have been as long as a Bible Testament and would have got very boring at 3000 words in! So, I’ll breaking it up into a series of posts… [read more]

4. Ten Companies Leading The Way In The Fenestration Sector Right Now – Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s first half of this mini-series, here are five more companies that I believe are shaking up the industry in a good way and leading the way forward for the sector. Again, these companies are based on my opinions… [read more]

3. 5 Companies To Look Out For In 2016

This time last year I wrote a post which highlighted five companies to look out for during 2015. Click here to take a look at my predictions and judge for yourself how close I was in the end. I don’t think I did too badly. So now it’s time to take a look at five companies… [read more]

2. After Cameron’s EU “Deal”, How Would You Vote Now?

Much of the media coverage last week was given to Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to renegotiate the UK’s terms within the European Union. It’s fair to say that the overall commentary surrounding the “deal” was fairly negative. Indeed, if you look at the finer points… [read more]

1. Can The Business Models Of The Nationals Work In A Modern Fenestration Industry?

Of the leads I have sat so far this year, nearly almost all of them I have been up against at least one of the nationals, be it the one named after a mountain, the one that likes to shout at you through the TV…[read more]

That rounds up this top ten list of most read posts so far. It’s a pretty decent list if I do say so myself! I have been working hard on my content creation this year and I think it reflects in the list above. Happy reading people!

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