Bernhard Hoetger, CEO HEGLA discusses Brexit and Anglo-German trade relations:

“As talks about Brexit continue to make headline news across both sides of The Channel, as a company with a global presence, HEGLA GmbH intends to reinforce its commitment and position of strength to allay any potential customer concerns.  Both Britain and Germany have worked together closely for many years, with the two nations linked by strong bonds of trade, culture and friendship.

At the time when the Euro was introduced Germany was in a strong position and this has continued today with strong trading conditions keeping the country and its economy buoyant. Companies certainly export a lot to the UK, and it continues to be a very viable business arena for both countries.

The UK economy also stands in a positive position and since the launch of the Euro, the UK single currency has grown too with a lot of demand for goods and services from Germany being a key part of the working relationship between the two countries over the years.

There are many positive aspects to consider with British consumers and manufacturers purchasing a great many German products, and as a German company obviously we see this as a very good thing. It reflects on the standards of goods and engineering services that are offered and subsequently bought.  With an excellent trading record it means we are getting it right for the customer.

As a company, HEGLA sees the future trading relationship with the UK as a positive arena that brings together the best of both companies.   Engineering using pioneering techniques continues to lead the way for UK manufacturers.

There is a range of connections between the UK and Germany that tie us together in a variety of ways from science, study and politics and of course good old-fashioned friendships. But there is so much more that is yet to be explored as manufacturing begins to evolve with the introduction of Industry 4.0.

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For the last 44 years, the EU has created a very positive marketplace for the vital Anglo-German business relationship, and it is imperative that this continues. As regards to trade and business, the existing connections between the two countries are rich and full of potential.  In fact according to recent surveys there are many reasons for us all to be cheerful.

So as BREXIT talks continue to be a priority for both countries in relation to how business might be affected, there is one thing that will not alter in relation to trading conditions.  That is trust.

In a recent MORI poll it showed that the youth of both Britain and Germany have a very positive stance in relation to each other. The UK appeared to be the most attractive G20 country to young Germans with politeness, friendliness and culture rating high on the list of positives.  Equally, Germany is considered an appealing country to the youth of the UK with the people, institutions and government trusted more than any other G20 country.  The poll demonstrated that the trust between the two was considered a very attractive quality.  We certainly wouldn’t want to argue with that.

Indeed, the findings demonstrate that there is no statistical decline expected or wanted in relation to doing business with the UK or vice versa.

The values and interests of people in both Germany and the UK are equal and Brexit will do little to change this.  Irrespective of the red tape.  It is in the interests of HEGLA and its daughter companies to be able to work closely together and to find ways to engage and support each other so that everyone can prosper.

We should be sure to remember this as we face the future together in what is hoped will be a continued spirit of close working partnerships, and we feel it is in everyone’s interests for all parties to do well.

As a company that has carved out a highly successful niche market in glass automation it is vital that Germany and Britain continue together with a united front.  It is our belief that  we maintain a strong and positive union in Anglo-German trade relations that are as free as possible after Brexit. As natural allies we share the same values when it comes to trade and economic integration and we will ensure that this continues.

Whatever the political machinations we look forward to the dialogue, debate and continued successes as the market gears up for change and diversity through product innovation and continual growth.”

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