You may have seen in the last week or so a brand new fenestration industry digital magazine drop into your inbox. It’s called Fenestration Digital, and it’s yet another signal of the direction that industry and trade media is going.

In so many areas of life, we are all consuming our news and information via digital platforms. Be it apps, websites, social media and anything else in between that can be read on a screen. The fenestration media is no different. Each year more and more traffic is sent to digital magazine and news platforms. It’s convenient, it’s far more current (assuming the company updates it’s website on a regular basis), it can be accessed almost anywhere and readers are able to zone in on the news that matter to the them.

To that end, Fenestration Digital has been set up to provide exactly that service. Covering all parts of the industry, from machinery to IGU manufacturers, to fabricators to ancillary companies. A lot of column inches, both digital and print are given to the already well established sectors of UK fenestration. But, it’s a team effort, and all niches in our industry play a part. It will be Fenestration Digital’s aim to help shine a light on the areas of our sector that play a vital role with what they do, but don’t always get the media coverage they should.

The Fenestration Digital website is now live: The site has only been live for a couple of weeks, but there is a decent amount of content from a variety of companies already on the site. Over the coming weeks the site will grow, evolve and be tweaked accordingly as it expands to cover more areas and feedback is taken on board from readers.

The site also has social media accounts live:

Twitter: @FenDigital


Linkedin and Instagram accounts will be up and live in the coming weeks and those handles will be promoted accordingly.

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Why another digital platform?

Some of you may be wondering why another digital platform has been set up for news in the fenestration industry. Well, as is mentioned earlier in the article, more and more media is being consumed in the digital space. There is no getting away from it, the trend in online news readership is shooting north, whilst print-based engagement and circulation is waning. You only need to look at what is happening with the national print media, and it’s rapid cost-cutting and consolidation in an attempt to keep business profitable.

You either move forward, or stick your head in the sand and allow stubbornness to take over. Fenestration Digital is the former.

Moreover, after the exit of the successful MyTradeTV from the media marketplace, a new slot presented itself. This is where Fenestration Digital will aim to fill that space and grow it further.

Building on that, this will be a truly 100% digital platform. Not only will the Fenestration Digital website become a hub packed full of regularly updated industry content, but a regular monthly digital magazine will go out to the industry as it’s regular circular. This can be read anywhere, at any time, on any device. Surely the most convenient way to consume fenestration industry news and the most environmentally friendly!

This is a new service, very much in it’s early stages. But those behind it will ensure that it grows fast and will become a platform you hear much more from in the coming weeks and months.

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