As you all know, I like to try new things on DGB from time to time. Earlier on in the year in an article I mentioned that I was working on a number of ideas I wanted to implement on here. Well, I am happy to introduce one of those new ideas to you now: DGB E.C.O.

What is DGB E.C.O?

Sustainability and our impact on our environment is going to be the industry’s biggest problem to tackle. That problem is already with us and the time to act is now. Its probably more like a few years ago, but we are where we are.

I have created DGB E.C.O for the sole purpose of focusing on the sustainability and “green” efforts of our industry. On this page, which will grow over time as more content and features are added to it, I will hone in on the products and companies already taking the lead on things like sustainability and recycling. I will carry special features on products. I will look at companies who have made a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint during the course of manufacture. It will provide facts and figures relevant to fenestration, but that can be used to help educate ourselves and the outside world of the positive green potential of our industry.

Already on the page there is blog content specific to sustainability and the environment. There are some facts about PVCu, which will be expanded into a bigger feature over time, just to make sure no false negative narratives about PVCu creep in from elsewhere. There is video content from Deceuninck demonstrating how the PVCu recycling process works and what closed-loop manufacturing is. There is also a video from Eurocell in which they ask the general public if they knew if PVCu could be recycled. The results were eye opening. There is a bit of commentary from me, as well as a call to action.

Crucially, E.C.O stands for something: Environment. Climate. Opportunity.

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Creation of a new industry

Whilst the effects of climate change a huge negative for the planet and all that live on it, through the necessity of change there is a whole new industry being born within our current one. In order to facilitate our industry becoming the green sustainable machine it needs to, means building a whole new sector to make that happen.

Clean factories, transport, machinery, marketing, R&D and so much more is needed for the entire industry to transform. That means thousands of new job opportunities and for companies to be profitable at the same time. No one has said recycling and being better for the environment doesn’t have to pay! We should all be looking at this as a double positive. Not only do we get to do our bit for the planet by striving to be cleaner in all that we do, but that we can also grow our businesses and create new job opportunities and increase revenues. As this part of the site grows I will take a closer look at the opportunities our industry has in areas like recycling.

There are of course already companies doing great work in this area. Deceuninck, Camden, Eurocell, VEKA to name but a few. But much more has to be done across the entire supply chain and not just with the systems companies. Change has to be radical, it has to be sweeping and it has to be now.

Failure to change and evolve risks the ire from the general public. Thanks to the internet and social media, social change is happening at a dramatic pace. The public are quick to judge and quick to act. The PVCu part of the market is particularly vulnerable to that. Its why as an industry we have to be on the front foot and make sure the narrative about our industry is factually correct. If we’re behind the curve on this then the damage to the industry could be massive.

I am lucky to have had a number of companies contribute content to DGB E.C.O at this early stage, and I am happy to say that the FIT Show will be one of the official supporters of DGB E.C.O moving fowards. They are also aware of the need for change in our industry, and sustainability will be a big focus within the 2020 exhibition.

That being said, I want DGB E.C.O to be a platform where everyone can contribute. So, if your company is doing its part to be kinder to the environment, I want to know. It could be that your factory is having renewable energy sources installed, or you’re bringing out a new recycled product, or are engaged in an environmental scheme. I want this new part of DGB to grow and help be a driver for change.

As I have said, this is just at the launch phase, but will grow and expand over time, so expect changes in the coming weeks and months!

Visit DGB E.C.O here

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