In another big breaking news story coming out of the world of fenestration, Matthew Glover, founder of the FIT Show and Veganuary is to return to his roots as Managing Director at West Yorkshire Windows. He made the statement on Linkedin this afternoon.

“Financial stability”

This is the statement he published on Linkedin:

I’ve had a bit of a career change, and have returned to West Yorkshire Windows as the Managing Director.

This was the company I co-founded with my brother way back in 1993. Following a short transition, Andrew, will leave to pursue other interests after almost 25 years with the company. Andrew remains my best friend, and I thank him for all the hard work and dedication to the company over the years.

After acquiring a majority stake in the company, we now have ambitious plans to grow sales by 40% over the next 3 years. I have put in place a significant investment programme to ensure financial stability and to achieve the ambitious sales targets.

I am joined by Richard Morris as Commercial Director, and look forward to working alongside the existing management team to implement our exciting business plan.

The mention of “financial stability” is one that stands out for me. As an industry we’re operating in very turbulent times right now, and its fair to say that it has touched all parts of the industry and at all levels in the supply chain. WYW won’t have been unaffected in some way. So, with it’s co-founder back at the helm, with the well earned finances earned over the past couple of ventures there is a positive outlook for the business.

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Local competition

For those who may not be aware, but West Yorkshire Windows are one of our biggest competitors in our area so I have been familiar with Matthew and WYW long before the FIT Show came to be.

As local rivals we would come up against each other when pitching for business from home owners. Ours is a much smaller business compared to WYW however, so not comparable on that front. But more often than not the choice for home owners in the Wakefield area would be between ourselves and WYW, which kept us on our toes. Competition is never a bad thing, and although on occassion it could get quite heated, I think it kept all minds focussed.

Personally I want to wish Matthew and the business good luck going forwards from here. I have a lot of respect for his achievements in the past decade. The industry is going through a very rough patch right now, and we could do with a few more good news stories. I look forward to more healthy competition in the weeks to come!

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