In what is beginning to look like a bit of a rocky patch for UK fenestration, Total Glass Limited have appointed administrators. For some, this won’t be new news. However, I have waited until some kind of official confirmation has been released before making it live on DGB.

This was the notice posted today on The Gazette:

I wrote yesterday that the closure of Howarth Timber (Windows & Doors) Limited appears part of an upward tick in the number of fenestration-related businesses running into problems, despite the vast majority of the industry experiencing a huge increase in demand.

I’m not privy to the exact circumstances of the cause of this closure, but if you look at certain accounts on social media there’s a variety of speculation as to the reason.

What I hope is that if the company is going to be bought, whether that’s via MBO or a new external interest, that as many jobs as possible are saved and that old debts to suppliers are paid in full. One of the most contentious points about the most recent spate of company collapses is the huge amount of money owed to suppliers that won’t be paid. It causes major pain down the supply chain for others and becomes a source of great anger and frustration that it able to happen so freely.

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