The Government has launched a new video to help educate the public about ventilation as we enter Winter amidst the pandemic. We are being told that if people are going to let others into people’s homes (after lockdowns finish of course) to open windows more often to help reduce the amount of potentially infectious droplets and particles that could be present in a room.

This is the video that has been launched:

Decent video, and good that they’re emphasising the use of windows to ventilate homes during the pandemic. We all generally don’t ventilate enough anyway so perhaps once this pandemic is done we could focus more on that.

If you notice during the video, however, there is a trickle vent fitted to the top of the frame but is closed and nothing is mentioned about it. We all know that during the Winter no one really opens their windows. It’s cold and windy, why would you? So it would have made more sense to focus on the use of trickle vents for homes that have them if people are going to ignore opening their windows.

Dean Bradley, Sales and Marketing Manager at Glazpart Ltd had this to say on the video:

Background ventilation is important for the provision of safe living environments and the government recognises and understands the influence of ventilation on the removal of airborne contaminants. Householders need education to recognise the benefit of this ventilation provision which may already be installed in their properties. The main way to do this is with trickle vents that are designed for use without losing heat from the dwelling especially during the winter when most people don’t open windows.

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to bring this into focus, but we have to talk more about ventilation as a whole. We know our homes need it more than ever, as we fill cavities and lofts with insulation, and windows and doors are made ever more energy efficient. We know that ventilation creates better, healthier environments indoors. Hopefully, this will start a wider conversation about ventilation and health, against a backdrop of extreme focus on care and wellbeing right now.

You can find a full press release on the video from the Government here:

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