Every year I take a look at some of the companies that I believe will make a big splash in the coming 12 months. The list is not in any order and is purely opinion-based. It doesn’t matter about the size of the business or how long they have existed. Their inclusion is based on the size of the impact they make within the wider sector and the mark I believe they could make this year.

1. Deceuninck Aluminium

The residential aluminium sector continues to grow and the last couple of years has shown that there is indeed room for more growth as new aluminium system companies have come online. One particular company that made an impact last year and looks set to widen its influence in 2022 is Deceuninck Aluminium. 2021 was a good year for the business, winning a number of new fabricators away from already established systems companies. But with a raft of new regulations coming online in the next 12-18 months, and their products already meeting those new requirements, demand for residential aluminium that is automatically up to scratch is going to be very useful to a lot of people.

2. Vitrine Aluminium

Continuing on the aluminium trail is Vitrine Aluminium. Established at the end of 2020 and having their first full year in 2021, they grew quickly and became what I saw as a disruptive force in the world of aluminium fabrication. They even picked up a 2021 NFA award in November. I have met the people at the top of this business and their team around them, and I can honestly say that I have rarely come across energy and partnership as is demonstrated by these guys. Their desire to do things right, to have the drive at relatively young ages to reform their part of the sector and show how professional it can be done. They grew so quickly last year that they already needed to expand to a new unit. I would keep an eye on these guys in 2022.

3. Morley Glass

They already command most of the integral blind market in the UK, so why include them on this list for 2022? If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’d be right. They really have cornered the integral blinds market in this country, delivering almost 5000 blinds per week. They are leading the way in terms of onsite glass recycling and their raft of charity work in the local area is fantastic. But they’re on this list for 2022 because I believe that Morley Glass isn’t about to become one of the leading brands in the glass sector, I see them as about to cement their place as one of the leading brands in the whole of UK fenestration. If you chart their rise from the start to their facility in Leeds now, to their expansion and sheer volume, and factor in their incredibly well-crafted reputation, they have earned their way to the top.

4. Glass Futures

You may remember last year planning permission was granted to a new £54m facility in St Helens. It was a huge announcement in the wider landscape of UK glass and this year is going to see the start of the building of that very facility. This new hub in St Helens is going to be a huge research and development hub for glass that is going to focus on creating new innovations, improving glass production and working with domestic and international supply chains. This type of facility could not come at a more important time considering the last 18 months we have all worked through, and I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing this sparkling new plant come online.

5. CNC Recycling

2022 has to be the year where industry sustainability takes centre stage, and one of those companies I believe is going to be CNC Recycling. Yes, the PVCu recycling scene is very much established in this sector now, with a growing list of major names investing millions in hubs around the UK to process millions of frames, keeping them out of the ground. But there is always room for more, and when you look at the expansion of CNC Recycling in recent times, with just one facility in the North East to now seven across the country, the company is very well placed to benefit from the rise in PVCu recycling. With a 2021 NFA award to recognise their work, 2022 looks set to be a very good year for them.

6. Eurocell Recycling

Another company that looks well placed to benefit from the sustainability drive is Eurocell. They already have a well-established recycling network and are one of the biggest PVCu recyclers in the UK. Coming off the back of a very good 2021, and looking to expand their recycling capacity in the coming years, the focus on sustainability and the need to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint means Eurocell is a company well placed to make the most of that in 2022. I expect to see a lot from them on this specific subject in 2022.

7. Festa Doors

Have you seen their enormous pivot doors? If not click here. I advise that you do. In 2021 I was lucky enough to go see the creation of their stunning showroom in Huddersfield and it was at that point I was convinced that companies like Festa would be responsible for bringing ultra-luxury doors to the wider market. In 2022, with their showroom finished and demand for higher-end doors only growing, I can see installations with Festa products even going viral on social media. There are of course other very notable mentions in this field as well, such as Spitfire, Pirnar and others, and they too will make their mark this year with their own amazing doors. I see Festa as being at the forefront of pivot doors and mega-mansion doors making a big breakthrough this year.

8. Brisant Secure

This is a company that consistently makes top growth lists in various media publications and has continued to garner a very good reputation amongst the locksmith and fenestration communities alike. 2021 was a good year for the business, but with their new 2-star Ultion handle, and the Ultion SMART cylinder which seems nicely poised to take better advantage of the rise in smart home tech in the coming years, 2022 I believe is going to be a year where you’re going to hear and see a lot more of the Dewsbury-based business.

9. Any trickle vent manufacturer

This one has everything to do with the new Building Regulations that were announced at the end of 2021. And as there is more than one supplier of trickle vents in the UK, it is simply easier to band them altogether. As we know, updated regulations are going to see a huge bump in the sale of trickle vents for windows and doors. That is going to be very good news to those that make them, and I would expect 2022 to be a very healthy year for anyone involved in the production of trickle vents.

10. AGC Glass Europe/Fineo

AGC and their Fineo vacuum insulated glass product made a splash last year. This year we are going to hear a lot more about VIG and these guys are leading the way, with partnerships with the likes of Masterframe in the UK and Deceuninck in Europe. You can find out more about vacuum insulated glass here. With its ability to achieve incredibly low u-values, using less material and the prospect of it becoming more affordable as time moves on, I can see Fineo making some big noise in our sector.

In the UK and Ireland, Fineo is distributed via a network of approved installers or direct via Energlaze. More information about Energlaze and VIG can be found by clicking here.

2022 for UK fenestration is going to be another competitive year, with challenges and changes at every turn. It will be the making of some companies and the breaking of others. But there is also a ton of opportunities to make the most of and the ten mentioned above are some of who I think will take advantage of those.

Of course, the industry is much bigger than the list above, and there are great companies up and down the country who will most certainly do great things. So if you have your own suggestions as to who will leave their mark on 2022 please share them in the comments section below!

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