Well, almost.

MACO, manufacturers of window and door hardware solutions, recently sent their latest new product, INSTINCT, into space. It was a unique marketing exercise which I don’t believe has been done before in our sector. At least to my knowledge.


For those wondering how far this product actually reached, MACO clarified in a comment on their YouTube channel that they managed to reach 106,000ft, which is a region known as near space.

Either way, for it to reach as far as it did was impressive, and if you watch the video below, you get to see a very impressive view of Earth, including the deep black of space and the curvature of the planet. Flat earthers will say it’s fake of course!

For some background on the video and the idea behind it, this is the description MACO gave in their video:

For some background on the video and the idea behind it, this is the description MACO gave on their video:

Space has been the pinnacle of travel and accomplishment for scientists and in more recent years entrepreneurs alike. Now, MACO a global leader in door window and sliding door hardware have created history by joining them and sending their groundbreaking door solution,

INSTINCT into space. INSTINCT By MACO, a Red Dot award winner, German Innovation award winner and in MACO’s words the true door lock of the 21st Century now has another accolade in being the first domestic door lock to reach space.

INSTINCT by MACO travelled to an altitude of 106,850 ft. (32568m) entering the history books and endured temperatures that can drop to -65 Degrees Celsius.

Working with world leaders in space launches MACO partnered with a company called Sent Into Space which has worked with the biggest brands and film crews across the world, including Samsung, YouTube, BBC and Disney just to name a few.

Why you may ask did we do this?

“After more than 150 years in which the cylinders and keys have been continuously used, we (MACO) believe that with the creation of INSTINCT has created the turning point in the way doors can be locked and designed. Creating a solution like this which changes the way we all enter our homes and use doors needed something really special to capture just how innovative and different this solution really is.

We pride ourselves on creating innovation in everything we do from our solutions, service and knowledge and INSTINCT in Space encapsulates that in a truly incredible way”.

Personally, I like these kinds of videos. Although the point of them is to keep the focus on the product in question against a highly impressive background, the overall effect of watching the rise into the upper atmosphere and into space is always impressive.

I wonder how far up into space we could send a triple-glazed bevelled unit. Something with a bit of weight!


In short, INSTINCT by MACO is a new concept smart door-locking product. It has multiple components, a new way of locking the door to ensure good compression between a door sash and outer frame, is app-controlled, and be opened using key codes, fingerprints or apps.

Thankfully, there is an explainer video which goes into far better detail about what this thing does:

This new smart door lock enters an ever-growing field of smart door tech which is gradually becoming mainstream and more competitive. Ultion has their new Nuki Smart Lock. ERA has brought out its Touch Key smart handle. VBH launched their Q-Smart electronic handle. Then there is Kubu, Yale and inoSmart by Inotherm to name just a few more.

The market is becoming much more established and there is now a smart door lock or smart tech on pretty much every door offering available in the sector. I am just a little perplexed as to why sales of smart tech aren’t higher than it already is. I put that down to buyer hesitation, but I do firmly believe that over the next decade, we are going to see smart tech in doors and indeed windows take off in a much more meaningful way.

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