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This Is How Much Voters Say Bi-Folding Doors Should Cost

Not too long ago I launched a couple of polls in which I asked readers to vote and tell me what they thought a good set of PVCu and aluminium bi-folding doors should cost a home owner. It followed my poll on what people thought a good composite door should cost a home owner. [...]

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How Much Should Bi-Folding Doors Cost?

Two polls have closed recently on DGB, the Composite Door Cost poll and the Fabricator lead time poll. Click on the links to find out how they went and the results they produced. However one area I have been hot on this year is bi-fold doors and fabricators' apparent race to the bottom on the [...]

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Is The Bi-Folding Door Market At Risk Of Being Devalued?

I got an email the other day advertising bi-folding door sections at reduced prices. Nothing earth shattering in that respect. But it did start to dawn on me that these emails are getting quite regular now, and they're spanning both the PVCu and aluminium bi-fold door markets. Is the market at risk of devaluation? Race [...]

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Market At Risk Of Saturation

The resurgence of aluminium in the residential part of our industry can be partly credited to the explosion of the aluminium bi-folding door. Companies saw the bi-folding door market as a niche that was going to explode wide open in the near future, and saw that using aluminium was going to be a great material [...]

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>Aluminium Making A Colourful Comeback

>For many years PVCu has been top of the pile when it comes to materials choice for replacement windows and doors. But thanks to the recession and the inherent need for businesses to diversify and find niche areas of the market to squeeze extra money out of.  Over the last couple of years, aluminium seems [...]

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