Furlough Scheme Ends Today

One of the most expensive but effective pillars of support provided by the Government during the pandemic, the furlough scheme, is ending today. It has paid the wages of millions of people for 18 months. But now this flagship policy is coming to an end, there are fears that it will spark a wave [...]

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Fenestration Sector Has A Role To Play In UK Gas Crisis

It’s becoming easy to lose track of the number of crises the UK is battling through right now. One of the most important to us all however is the gas crisis. Gas is responsible for heating millions of homes and other buildings across the country and is one of the most valuable commodities we [...]

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ASSA ABLOY To Acquire Arran Isle Ltd

Mergers and acquisitions have been pretty quiet this year. However, this morning the M&A sector has sprung back to life as ASSA ABLOY announce that they are to acquire Arran Isle Ltd. Statement This is what ASSA ABLOY had to say this morning via press release: ASSA ABLOY has signed a definitive agreement to [...]

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Any New Home Retrofit Scheme Is Utterly Pointless Until The Labour Crisis Is Solved

In the past decade two Governments, the coalition and this current Conservative Government, have tried to launch schemes that intended to encourage homeowners to take out loans and grants to insulate and retrofit their homes. Both failed. They failed for a number of reasons, all very similar to each other. The most recent version [...]

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Epwin Group Reports Healthy H1 Results

It is earnings season in UK fenestration and some of the biggest companies are dropping their financial results for H1 of 2021, and as was to be expected, Epwin Group’s H1 results are very healthy. Here are the key findings from their report. What you need to know The table below is your brief [...]

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Lets Talk About Minimum Order Values

A minimum order value is a figure an installation company will charge as the absolute lowest limit they would accept for work to be done. The subject matter of minimum order values came up via a tweet from a company called T And R Home Improvement Specialists. This is what they said: It [...]

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Pilkington To Reintroduce Energy Surcharge

The price pressures on the supply chain only continue to grow as Pilkington has announced that they are going to reintroduce their Energy Surcharge, which was dropped in 2014. Glass has been one of the fenestration sector materials most affected by the current supply chain problems and has seen some of the most dramatic [...]

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UK Growth Slows To Just 0.1% In July

The "pingdemic" and supply chain problems have seen UK growth dribble to just 0.1% in July. This was after June saw GDP growth of 1%. Though COVID restrictions were lifted in July, rules on self-isolation did not change until August. It meant that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people had to spend [...]

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Open Letter: Could Your Business Get Through ‘Another 2021’ In 2022?

We knew the road back from COVID and Lockdown would be bumpy but the challenges we and the window and door industry have contended with in the past year, have far exceeded our expectations. It’s been incredibly tough, everyone’s expended a massive amount of energy, and people are tired, if not exhausted. Trying to [...]

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Saint-Gobain Sells Two Glass Processing Businesses

Saint-Gobain has sold two of their European glass processing companies. One in France, to a former manager of Saint-Gobain, and one in Germany. This is the official statement from the company: SAINT-GOBAIN DIVESTS CERTAIN GLASS PROCESSING BUSINESSES IN FRANCE AND IN GERMANY Saint-Gobain announces the sale of the French company Aurys, which specializes in [...]

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The Supply Chain Can Return To Normal If Two Things Happen

The one question everyone is asking is when the supply chain will return to normal. For over a year our sector has had to cope with steep and constant price increases, product delays, shortages and ever-extending lead times. But there is a way, even two, for the supply chain to return to normal. Reduction [...]

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Want To Attract Youth And The Right Talent? It’s Time We Talked Money

There's a debate as to the best method in which to attract more young people and talented people to the UK fenestration sector. Career progression, inclusivity, rewarding work and more. All gallant and justified arguments. But there's one thing I think we're blindly missing from the debate and that is money. It's time to [...]

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Ningbo Partial Shutdown Could Cause UK Fenestration Sector Problems

Whilst the UK might be getting some level of control over COVID-19, much of Asia is gripped firmly by the virus once again. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and others are all experiencing record numbers of cases, hospitalisations and deaths. It is a reminder that even though things are improving in the UK, [...]

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UK Economy Grows 4.8% In Q2

In positive news for the UK economy on Thursday, it was announced by the ONS that UK GDP grew 4.8% in Q2 this year. This was under forecasts of 5%, but still represents a strong quarter as further lockdown restrictions eased. UK economy continues to bounce back Q2 was always going to be a [...]

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Could The Fenestration Sector Be Forced To Look For Alternatives To Steel?

Steel right now is expensive. Very expensive. To give you an idea as to how much the cost of steel has risen over the past year or so... April 2020: $372.5 PT May 2021: $794 PT In percentage terms, the cost of steel per ton in [...]

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Saint-Gobain’s New Glass Furnace Reaches Halfway Point

Saint-Gobain's new glass furnace, currently being built in Eggborough, North Yorkshire, has reached the halfway point. This is an important milestone for the company and the supply of glass in the UK against a backdrop of shortages that are getting worse and causing disruption throughout the supply chain. This is the statement that has [...]

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