MBO At Glazerite As New Team Seeks To Drive Business Forward

This is a press release from Glazerite: Leading trade fabricator, The Glazerite UK Group has been acquired in a management buyout. Led by Group Managing Director, Robert Brearley, the management team includes Mark Johnston, Group Finance Director, Jeff Dunn, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Darren Rhodes, Managing Director (North West) and Matthew Thomas, Managing [...]

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Furlough Begins To Wind Down – What You Need To Know

The start of July also began the start of the end of the highly successful furlough scheme, also known as the Job Retention Scheme. It has been one of the most expensive parts of the UK Government's support programme during the pandemic and has kept millions in employment that would have been at risk [...]

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Will Prices Ever Come Back Down?

Every week, every month the prices of all our raw materials continue to rise. Resin, steel, glass, hardware, composite door slabs. You name it, they're all going up, as is the cost of transport and labour. Oil is at a six-year high. Steel is going to the moon in an almost vertical fashion. Iron [...]

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Press Glass Secures £227m Financing Agreement

Press Glass have announced that they have secured new £227m bank financing (PLN1.2bn) in order to refinance debt, as well as build two new production plants, one in Lithuania and the other here in the UK. Press Glass statement This is their press release: On June 9, 2021, the Press Glass Group obtained bank [...]

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If Fenestration Is Serious About Cutting Carbon, It’s Time To Ramp Up Domestic Production

For a while, the UK fenestration sector has talked about the need to produce more here and rely less on imports. There is a genuine argument for this. This is highlighted by the current supply problems and you have to wonder if we did make more fenestration products here in the UK then would [...]

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High Home Improvement Demand Could Last Three Years

Demand in the home improvement sector is very high right now. Perhaps at record highs for some companies. Since the start of this huge bounce-back, which originated in mid-May of 2020, the debate has since been about predicting when things might end. The answer might be a lot longer than we thought. High home [...]

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FENEX To Hold Fenestration Sector Recruitment Drive At September Main Event

It has long been known that the fenestration sector is going through an acute skills and youth shortage that remains one of the biggest problems the sector has to tackle. At this present time, with demand at extraordinary levels and continuing to grow, that skills gap has become ever more pressing, with installers and [...]

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ASSA ABLOY Provides Statement In Response To Trademark Decision

In response to the story published last week about ASSA ABLOY losing their trademark case, the company has provided a statement: As the global leader in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY both create and embrace new technology, none more so than in the Smart security market where the organisation has successfully sold products since 2012 [...]

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Yale (Assa Abloy) Loses Trademark Dispute And Told To Pay Costs

European Union trademark application No 18 086 744 is rejected in its entirety. This is a Letter to the Editor guest article by Giovanni Laporta: Dear Jason I’m getting in touch for a couple of reasons. One, so that you can share the news that Yale has lost an ongoing trademark dispute with Smart [...]

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Safestyle UK Provides Trading Update At AGM

Safestyle UK has just had their AGM and has provided a trading update in what continues to be an extraordinary year for the UK fenestration sector as a whole. Safestyle UK statement: Alan Lovell, Chairman of Safestyle UK plc, the leading UK focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market, will make [...]

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Why Rapidly Rising Inflation Matters

You may have seen this morning that the UK's monthly inflation figures more than doubled from 0.7% to 1.5% in April. For a while I have been warning about the threat of rising inflation and that before long Government figures would start to reflect the rise in prices we have all been seeing for [...]

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Open Letter: Supply Chains And Price Increases

This is an open letter from Sternfenster MD Mike Parczuk about the state of supply chains and price increases: I speak to our installers every day. ‘Exhausted’, ‘stretched’, ‘frazzled’, probably describe how they feel best. We’re in a boom but that’s come with a unique set of challenges, so to be talking now about [...]

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Compusoft To Aquire First Degree Systems

This is a statement from First Degree Systems: Compusoft Group, a leading global visual CPQ provider, today announced an agreement to acquire First Degree Systems (FDS). The acquisition of First Degree Systems, the leading UK provider of software solutions for the window and door industry, will add to the previous acquisition of Soft Tech [...]

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Modular Group Investments (MGI) Acquires Rapid PVCU Systems

Modular Group Investments (MGI), the company that has recently acquired Euramax, has now acquired South Yorkshire based fabricator Rapid PVCU systems. This was the statement the company released: Modular Group Investments Limited (MGI), a fast-growing group of businesses in the UK offsite and modular manufacturing sectors, has completed the next stage of its acquisition [...]

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Customade Group Releases Statement After CEO Leng Steps Down

Following the personal announcement from David Leng via his Linkedin account, there has been a statement released by Customade Group via their website. It reads as follows: After leading Customade through a successful refinancing process during the 2020 lockdown and restarting the new group David leng has announced he is stepping down as Group [...]

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Car Manufacturers Going All-Electric Will Affect The Fenestration Sector In A Big Way

In recent weeks major car manufacturers such as well Volvo and Ford have both declared that their entire range of cars will be all-electric by 2030. It comes as industries across the world are making moves to reduce or eradicate completely their carbon footprint. Other car manufacturers are expected to follow suit soon. In [...]

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