Taylor Wimpey 2020 Revenue Down 35%, But 2021 Starts Strong

One of Britain's biggest housebuilders, Taylor Wimpey, has released it's 2020 full-year results and as expected, there was a big hit to revenues and profits in 2020. But, there was also good news from the company as they reported that 2021 was off to a strong start on the sales front. These are the [...]

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Saint Gobain Announces Full Year 2020 Results

Saint Gobain, one of the largest producers of glass and building materials in the world, has just released their full-year 2020 results. In what was a turbulent year for everyone in the industry and indeed around the world, the results are respectable. The key points Taken from the published summary, these are the key [...]

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Euramax Acquired By Modular Group Investments

Modular Group Investments has completed the acquisition of Euramax Solutions Limited, a manufacturer of fenestration products to the construction, modular and leisure markets. Michael Garratt, the founder and CEO of MGI said, “We invest in a range of sub-sectors across the MMC markets including component manufacturing and supply chain operators. MGI’s involvement with Euramax will [...]

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Prices Are Likely To Rise Further In 2021

Thought you'd seen the last of the price increases? Think again. As global supply chains come under constant strain, the new trading relationship with the continent and the pandemic continuing to cause disruption, pressure on prices is only going to increase further during the course of this year. Supply chain problems It might be [...]

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Eurocell Produces A Strong Finish To 2020

It's the start of a new year and we're about to start earnings season in UK fenestration as some of our biggest companies begin to published results for Q4 and H2 of 2020. Eurocell's results have been announced and they finished 2020 in a very strong position. Up 15% Here are some of the [...]

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What Fenestration Can Learn From The Collapse Of The Arcadia Group

Arcadia Group, one of the high street's biggest retailing has collapsed into administration with rescue talks failing. This puts more than 13,000 jobs at risk just before Christmas, in an economy which may well fall into a double-dip recession. Whilst this is not a fenestration business, there are some lessons to learn from this [...]

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The 2020 Spending Review – What You Need To Know

On Wednesday the Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave his Spending Review for 2020. It was due to be a three-year forecast for public spending and finances, but due to the scale of the economic damage and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the review only set out the road ahead for one year. It was also [...]

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Administrators Appointed At Total Glass Limited

In what is beginning to look like a bit of a rocky patch for UK fenestration, Total Glass Limited have appointed administrators. For some, this won't be new news. However, I have waited until some kind of official confirmation has been released before making it live on DGB. This was the notice posted today [...]

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Are You Planning To Hire?

New month, new poll. This time I'm asking whether you're planning on hiring new staff over the next few months. In previous posts I have talked about the need for our sector to become an employment beacon among the other sectors that are being hammered by the pandemic, and that demand for our products [...]

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Chancellor Set To Unveil New Job Protection Measures

As the new rules around the UK come into force to try to curb the spread of COVID-19, pressure has built on the Chancellor to extend the furlough scheme to prevent a much-predicted mass unemployment event as the support scheme draws to a close at the end of October. I would imagine that the [...]

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Safestyle Publishes H1 Financial Results

Safestyle have released their H1 figures for 2020, and just like all the others which have reported so far, the first half of the year shows a huge dent to revenues and profits. Major drop, but growth rebounding Here are the financial headline highlights from H1 for the business: Credit: Safestyle UK [...]

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UK Window Group Issues Statement On Restructuring

The UK Window Group have provided a statement confirming that the business has been reformed: UK Window Group today confirms that following an extensive process, certain assets of the Company have been sold to a subsidiary of Boxwood Capital Ltd in a related party transaction as part of a wider strategic restructuring programme. The [...]

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Epwin Group’s First Half Results Published

Epwin Group today released their full H1 results for 2020. COVID-19 and the lockdown did of course have an enormous impact on the group's performance in the first half of this year compared to last year, but as many are now finding, there are signs for optimism in the second half of the year [...]

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When Is A Recession Not A Recession?

What was expected became official, the UK saw the biggest drop in GDP in Q2 on record, plunging a massive 20.4%. Given the extent of the lockdown and the measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 this will have come as no surprise, considering the UK relies massively on the service [...]

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Confirmed: Double Glazing A Secondary Measure Under Green Homes Grant

We have been waiting a long time for anything substantial from the Government with regards to double glazing upgrades under the Green Homes Grant, and now we have it. And its exactly what we thought it would be: it will be a secondary measure. Meaning, in short, that there will be very little benefit [...]

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Safestyle Issues Half-Year Trading Update

Now we are passed the halfway point in the year, our publicly traded companies are starting to report their half-year trading updates. Safestyle released theirs this week, striking a positive tone, but with a hint of caution for the future too. Highlights Strong rebound in order intake post-lockdown with order intake for the eight [...]

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