How Compare My Windows Is Capturing The Imagination Of Our Industry!

This is a sponsored article by When any industry is faced with major changes it is normal for those changes to be greeted with skepticism and doubt. Anything that threatens to fundamentally change the nature of an industry will always come up against some form of opposition. However there comes a point in [...]

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What Makes CMW Different?

This is a sponsored article by From the very beginning of our development of Compare My Windows we wanted to provide a platform that benefited and provided real value to both consumers and our industry. We knew that as an industry we weren’t really making our customers’ experience anywhere near the level they [...]

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Why Homeowners Expect A Comparison Site In 2018

This is a sponsored article by Technology has moved at an incredible pace over the last 20 years. When you think back to what the Internet looked and felt like two decades ago it’s amazing how far it has come. Back in 1998 the Internet moved a little slower and our expectations were [...]

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The Future Of CompareMyWindows

This is a sponsored article by When we were in the initial research and development stages of CompareMyWindows, our vision was never confined to simply providing a purpose built price comparison tool for the windows and doors industry. We knew customers were dissatisfied with the industry and we wanted to understand fully what [...]

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A New Way Of Doing Business

This is a sponsored article by At we’ve spent the past few years researching and interviewing the industry’s customer base to discover exactly how they felt about the processes and experience of getting quotes and finding and engaging companies to undertake work for them. Through the mountains of data we received and [...]

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CompareMyWindows.Com – The First Purpose Built Comparison Site For The Window And Door Industry!

This is a sponsored article by Anyone who has undertaken the arduous process of searching for quotes for windows and doors will know that it is a complicated, convoluted process that never really feels transparent. At no point do you really feel that you have all the facts at your disposal to make [...]

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