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When any industry is faced with major changes it is normal for those changes to be greeted with skepticism and doubt. Anything that threatens to fundamentally change the nature of an industry will always come up against some form of opposition. However there comes a point in every industry when progress is so necessary that it becomes inevitable. When resistance to progress begins to alienate your customer base and actively harm your industry’s reputation then it’s time to act. History is littered with the ghosts of companies whose refusal to accept progress saw them vanish – remember Blockbuster? Whether through Luddite tendencies or taking customers for granted – when the market demands improvements there’s only one side you should be on. For us it was never about progress for the sake of progress; our vision only ever stemmed from offering real value to our industry and providing exactly what our customer base wanted – however that manifested itself.

At Compare My Windows we’ve been delighted with the industry’s response to our platform. We are indebted to the companies who gave us the time to explain in detail our vision and agreed to allow us to beta test with their companies on our platform. Their enthusiasm for our platform was contagious and provided incredible motivation throughout our testing period. While we knew how positive our consumers experience was on Compare My Windows it was vital that companies saw and appreciated the value too. We knew the theory behind increased customer engagement through convenience and transparency and had built the platform to support it exactly how our customer base wanted it but to see it actually work better in practice than we ever imagined was incredibly rewarding!

As we roll into the live phase of Compare My Windows it has been fantastic to welcome so many new companies to our platform and that number keeps growing every week. As we continue to grow it’s been invaluable to have the opportunity to speak to our new members, listening to their insights and taking onboard their comments – we truly value their input and are committed to giving the companies on Compare My Windows a voice and encouraging their active participation in our development and growth.

It’s always been vital to us to have our industry peers supportive of Compare My Windows. Very early into our development we knew that by providing customers with what they desperately wanted – a platform that delivered greater transparency and convenience – that it would be of huge benefit to suppliers and installers too. With Compare My Windows companies receive enquiries from engaged and informed consumers who are actively searching for companies like theirs and most importantly, they’ve been able to do it how they want – it’s not difficult to see why they are far more likely to make a purchase.

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