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Technology has moved at an incredible pace over the last 20 years. When you think back to what the Internet looked and felt like two decades ago it’s amazing how far it has come. Back in 1998 the Internet moved a little slower and our expectations were much lower, even ordering a pizza online in the UK was still a pipe dream! In such a relatively short space of time the Internet has revolutionised how we eat, communicate, work, entertain ourselves and shop. In fact it’s difficult to think of one area of our lives that the Internet hasn’t had some effect on and that in turn has had a huge impact on our expectations. As consumers we have become used to the incredible convenience of researching online, comparing prices and making purchases – all at our own pace without much effort. The Internet has also changed when we shop, now no longer tied to shop opening hours we can browse, make enquiries and purchase whenever we please.

Probably the biggest impact on consumers is often overlooked – convenient comparison. Before the Internet gathered services, suppliers and prices for us at the touch of a button comparing prices took real effort. It inevitably required a lot of legwork, a considerable amount of time and a lot of perseverance and with little to no benchmark to work from it was nearly impossible to get a sense of fair pricing. Having the ability to search for a specific item or service and see a vast selection of pricing has undoubtedly been incredibly empowering for consumers and benefited us all. That’s why it instantly makes our customer base uneasy and mistrusting when our industry still operates with such a lack of transparency and expects them to jump through hoops to receive quotes.

Aside from the inconvenience we present our potential customers we are asking them to relinquish the control they enjoy in nearly every other shopping experience they encounter. By dragging our heels we are offering an experience guaranteed to infuriate our customer base and doing our best to propagate the myth that our industry is untrustworthy.

A comparison site is what our customer base has been desperate for and Compare My Windows was born out of that need. We are determined to not only provide a platform that gives our customer base the experience they want but also bring greater transparency to our industry. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to know that an informed and engaged consumer spends more and tends to be much happier with the outcome of their purchase – a win / win scenario that we are determined to deliver.

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