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At we’ve spent the past few years researching and interviewing the industry’s customer base to discover exactly how they felt about the processes and experience of getting quotes and finding and engaging companies to undertake work for them. Through the mountains of data we received and analysed one thing became startling obvious – our customer base are deeply unhappy with the current system and feel purposely misled and kept in the dark. Many felt that from the very start of the process of gathering quotes they were on the back foot with no ability to accurately gauge the quality or accuracy of the quotes they received. Through hours of interviews the overwhelming response was a need for pricing transparency and online convenience.

Giving the customer exactly what they want

It was from this customer insight that CompareMyWindows was created – the UK’s first purpose built comparison site for the doors and windows installation industry. We developed our state of the art pricing wizard through customer consultation to respond to exactly what they wanted. What’s more, from our real world testing we discovered that customers who went through our wizard were statistically larger spenders with far higher satisfaction levels at the completion of works compared to those who had gone through traditional quote gathering. Our research showed that customers were almost 5 times more likely to follow through with a purchase when using our wizard than when presented with traditional quotes and none of our wizard testers felt the need to turn to a recognized industry name for security when making a purchase decision.

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Streamlining and improving your marketing

CompareMyWindows also gives you a far clearer marketing process. You now no longer have to trust leads that have been sold to all of your competitors or are out of date. All enquiries are fresh and from potential customers who have chosen to contact you. Not only does this massively cut down on your costs but it also ends the harassment of your customer base. It’s no surprise that an informed, confident customer is far easier to work with and to please than one who feels harassed. Every customer who sends you an enquiry will have had a chance to read your company profile with product and project galleries which from our testing was one of the largest factors in providing a sense of confidence in our users.

We also believe that you should have complete control over the quotes that you receive. Simply by specifying your trading area, customer specifications and product type you have full control over the quality and suitability of the enquiries you receive.

We built CompareMyWindows to provide greater transparency and convenience to the industry. The industry’s customer base has been very vocal about what they want and our testing proves how positively they react to it. We also wanted to put an end to the wasted advertising budgets so many companies waste on PPC trying to compete with the big players in the industry or on stale, oversold leads from e-canvassers. With CompareMyWindows both you and your customer get a platform that is efficient, easy to use and mutually beneficial.

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