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From the very beginning of our development of Compare My Windows we wanted to provide a platform that benefited and provided real value to both consumers and our industry. We knew that as an industry we weren’t really making our customers’ experience anywhere near the level they deserved and we believed that our industry could do better. We knew anecdotally that customers found gathering quotes and researching local tradespeople stressful and unnecessarily convoluted. That’s when the first embers of Compare My Windows were sparked.

As our vision began to form we knew that in order to meet our goals we would need to undertake serious market research to learn exactly how our industry was viewed, where we were underserving our customers and exactly what they would like their purchasing journey to look and feel like. Our strategy involved researching potential customers going through the process of gathering quotes, previous customers who had made a purchase in the past year and customers who had purchased up to ten years ago. After nearly a year of research and compiling reams of data the conclusions made for fairly grim reading.

Customers were almost unanimous in their mistrust and annoyance at their experience in gathering quotes – a lack of transparency and harassment were the overriding concerns brought up over and over again. Even customers who felt they had a satisfactory to good experience felt that the process was time consuming and unnecessarily awkward. We found that a sizeable percentage of consumers ended up paying a premium at a recognised industry name due to their concerns and unhappiness with the process. For customers who had purchases many years ago over half stated that their previous experience had delayed them making a future purchase.

With this extensive data we knew we had the foundations for Compare My Windows but that was just the beginning. We tested numerous different scenarios, interfaces and features with our testing audience, refining and adding features constantly to build a platform that answered our customers’ needs. What had started out as a platform for our advanced pricing wizard was growing into an online hub for our industry filled with advice, articles and even an ask an expert feature. It became clear through market testing that the richer the experience that Compare My Windows provided the more engaged and likely to purchase our audience became.

Our commitment to research and discovering exactly what our customer base wanted is what sets us apart. We didn’t presume anything and instead listened to their needs and let them shape the platform themselves. Our priority is to constantly evaluate and allow Compare My Windows to evolve organically; reflecting the needs and meeting the demands of both our industry and our customer base.

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