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When we were in the initial research and development stages of CompareMyWindows, our vision was never confined to simply providing a purpose built price comparison tool for the windows and doors industry. We knew customers were dissatisfied with the industry and we wanted to understand fully what was needed. Through our extensive customer research we learned that as well as a desire for greater transparency with receiving quotes and pricing, the industry’s customer base also desperately wanted an impartial, centralised hub where information and advice would be freely available for all aspects of our industry. They wanted an impartial, third party website with information, profiles and reviews on the companies they were potentially going to do business with. Essentially, they wanted convenience and transparency.

We’ve already implemented an ‘ask an expert’ feature for users to obtain impartial industry advice and we will continue to drive customer engagement by continually adding helpful articles, features and interviews to provide a complete platform for the windows and doors industry. We found this approach received glowing praise during our testing period and delivered far greater customer engagement and satisfaction. When customers feel suitably informed their trust and confidence in the industry grows.

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Long-term goals

From the huge success during our testing period and the incredible response we’ve received, our long-term roadmap for the future looks incredibly exciting. As we fully launch CompareMyWindows and continue to expand the content and customer engagement we have started the very first steps of implementing our technology and philosophy to other industries within the home improvement umbrella. We don’t believe in trying to fit a square peg into a round hole so each industry will need the same level of detailed research and development that we undertook to make CompareMyWindows successful. Our priority will be to ensure we deliver exactly what each industry needs with no compromise in functionality.

In the short-term, we are investigating the feasibility in adding a European version of our site, offering the exact same functionality to the European market and then investigating expanding on to Canada and certain states in the US. As well as a UI redesign we will have to undertake consultations, research and analysis to tailor our service for each specific market. In our very tentative first steps of enquiries we have discovered much the same desire for a different way of interacting with the industry that we found in the UK market.

Our commitment to excellence

Ultimately, regardless of our ambitions for the future, CompareMyWindows remains our primary focus. The months of research and testing have resulted in a platform that provides huge value to both customers and installers and we have no intention of resting on our laurels – we will continue to support, grow and improve. We hope that the value we provide will in turn see CompareMyWindows become a household name that both customers and installers can always trust in.

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