CNC Recycling Strengthens Sales Team

This is a press release from CNC Recycling: UPVC Window Recycling specialist CNC Recycling has appointed a highly experienced Business Development Manager to consolidate and strengthen the sales team. Kate Riley joins the Middlesbrough based firm to support its substantial growth over the course of the last 16 months. Kate previously worked for Ecoplas, [...]

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UK Homeowners Prepared To Pay More For Products Seen As More Sustainable

This is a sponsored article by Deceuninck UK: More than two-thirds of UK homeowners (68%) would choose windows and doors with a higher recycled content over and above products that don’t, or which do so at a lower level, according to a new study. The findings of the survey by leading pollster YouGov, also [...]

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Less Is More – Our Future

The arrival of vacuum insulated glazing, or VIG, has got me to thinking about our industry in a much wider sense. The more I look at vacuum insulated glazing, the more I believe it is something we should be looking at in way more detail and energy. But it shouldn't stop at that. In [...]

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Everything UK Fenestration Does Has To Be Seen Through The Prism Of Climate Change

We live in a post-COP26 and net-zero world now. We can debate the merits of the deal that was struck at the very end of the conference and whether it goes far enough. It doesn’t. But in this post-COP26 world, with climate change at the forefront, everything we do within the UK fenestration sector [...]

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Three COP26 Pledges UK Fenestration Could Make

COP26 is finally upon us. The most important UN Climate Conference and the moment we are told that we are out of time. I watched the powerful opening ceremony, with speeches from the UK Prime Minister, poets, Sir David Attenborough, leaders of island nations and more. If you did too, then you’ll now have [...]

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Morley Glass Triples Post-Consumer Glass Recycling Capacity

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass: The UK’s largest manufacturer of Screenline integral blinds will be recycling more post-consumer glass and supporting more local good causes than ever following the installation of a new state of the art automated machinery to process waste glass collected from Uni-Blinds® installers. The new plant commissioned [...]

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This Is How Much You Actually Save By Recycling Glass

Recycling is going to play a massive part in the fenestration sector's efforts to reach net zero. PVCu recycling has continued to grow at a good clip, but one area that I believe needs massive improvement is glass recycling. Glass is pretty simple to recycle, yet the number of companies that have taken to [...]

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CNC Recycling Gains NFA Nomination For Recycling Company 2021

CNC Recycling Ltd has been nominated for Recycling Company in the National Fenestration Awards (NFAs). The CNC Recycling team are delighted and very proud to have been recognised by the sector for the recycling services they offer. Melanie Reid, Managing Director, CNC Recycling Ltd said, “Everyone at CNC Recycling is very grateful for all [...]

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UK Fenestration Must Do More As New UN Climate Report Warns Of “Code Red”

The most comprehensive climate change report to ever be published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by the UN) has today warned that humanity is on "code red" and that some of the changes already taking place on the planet, like sea-level rises, are irreversible. As a sector, along with all other [...]

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Morley Glass And B&P Windows Team Up For Glass Recycling

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass: Industry-leading integral blinds manufacturer Morley Glass and Wakefield-based B&P Windows have teamed up to reduce their carbon footprints further by supplying all post-consumer glass products to Morley Glass to be put through their on-site glass crusher. Since 2019, Morley Glass has been accepting post-consumer glass and [...]

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It’s Time To Embrace Recycled PVCu, It’s Already Here

The other day I wrote about how the adoption of electric cars would cause issues for the fenestration sector. To catch up on that story click here. I also explored the subject of recycling and recycled materials and how they are the most readily available solution to increase the sustainability of how we operate [...]

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INOVYN Creates New Type Of Sustainable PVC

Our industry, like so many others, has a lot of work to do to reduce carbon emissions and our impacts on the environment. One major area that needs work is the production and consumption of materials. PVC is the one material that gets the most scrutiny. The resin used to make PVC is a [...]

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Fenestration Has To Focus On Sustainability In 2021

2020 was supposed to be the year where we all focused on sustainability and climate change. Then COVID came and swamped every other issue on the planet. Rightly, we have had to focus most of our efforts on fighting that particular crisis, and with vaccines coming through, we all hope that by the end [...]

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The Issue Of Industry Sustainability Hasn’t Gone Away

Its nearly September, COVID has dominated pretty much all year, it's safe to say we can write it off and start looking towards 2021. The one major issue that 2020 was supposed to be about was sustainability and recycling. Even if COVID is going to be here for another year or not, climate change [...]

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Ground-Breaking Thermocill Could Save Householders Hundreds Of Pounds

Scientist’s findings show that a simple yet ground-breaking device could save householders hundreds of pounds a year on their heating bills – and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. Environment experts at the University of Salford put Thermocill, which is made entirely from recycled plastic, through exhaustive tests in their Energy House thermal comfort laboratory, [...]

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10 Ways To Make Your Fenestration Business More Sustainable

2020 is very much the year of sustainability. As a planet we're rapidly running out of time to attempt to rectify the damage that is happening to the world. Every person and every industry has it's own part to play to help the overall cause. If we don't, the ramifications will be disastrous, and [...]

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