There Needs To Be More Competition In The Conservatory Roof Market

The scale and scope of the conservatory roof market over the past ten years have shrunk significantly. Product choice has increased to some degree, with solid roofs becoming a staple within the roof market as a whole, but the number of conservatory roof system manufacturers is nothing like it used to be. Competition to [...]

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ODL Europe Sign Up To FENEX 2023 Telford Exhibition

ODL Europe have become one of the first companies to sign up to the 2023 FENEX Show due to be held at the Telford International Centre. ODL Europe will also be present at the 2021 FENEX main virtual event in September of this year, as well as virtual shows during 2022. Nathan Barr, Managing [...]

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National Fenestration Awards Dual Winners Event To Take Place In November

The National Fenestration Awards have announced that they are to hold a dual Winners Event on November 6th 2021. It is due to be held at the popular Doncaster Racecourse, which is set to host the final flat race of the 2021 season. This is a marquee event in the horse racing calendar is [...]

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Want To Attract Youth And The Right Talent? It’s Time We Talked Money

There's a debate as to the best method in which to attract more young people and talented people to the UK fenestration sector. Career progression, inclusivity, rewarding work and more. All gallant and justified arguments. But there's one thing I think we're blindly missing from the debate and that is money. It's time to [...]

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Job Vacancies At Record And Wages Rise Sharply

More good news for the UK economy this week as it was announced that there are a record number of job vacancies in the country right now. The ONS says that in the three months to July there were 953,000 job vacancies. Unemployment also fell to 4.7%. It's worth noting that previous estimates were [...]

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Flat Glass Solutions To Exhibit With FENEX In 2021

One of the leading glass machinery companies in the UK fenestration sector, Flat Glass Solutions, are to exhibit with FENEX during the main event this September. They join a growing number of companies who are taking advantage of the new opportunities being provided by the innovative platform, which is using market-leading software to being [...]

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Morley Glass Sign Up To FENEX 2022 And FENEX 2023 At Telford

Britain’s biggest and leading integral blinds manufacturer, Morley Glass, have become one of the first companies to sign up to the FENEX 2022 virtual expos and the first at the FENEX in-person exhibition in Telford in 2023. The rise of Morley Glass over the past two decades has been one of the best success [...]

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New AM-III Glass As Hard As Diamonds Developed In China

Scientists in China have developed a new type of glass, called AM-III, which is so hard it can leave s scratch on a diamond. We are used to saying this the other way round, that diamonds could cut glass. Well, this new type of glass can leave deep scratches in diamonds. It doesn't look [...]

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Ningbo Partial Shutdown Could Cause UK Fenestration Sector Problems

Whilst the UK might be getting some level of control over COVID-19, much of Asia is gripped firmly by the virus once again. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and others are all experiencing record numbers of cases, hospitalisations and deaths. It is a reminder that even though things are improving in the UK, [...]

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UK Economy Grows 4.8% In Q2

In positive news for the UK economy on Thursday, it was announced by the ONS that UK GDP grew 4.8% in Q2 this year. This was under forecasts of 5%, but still represents a strong quarter as further lockdown restrictions eased. UK economy continues to bounce back Q2 was always going to be a [...]

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Why I Still Like Bi-Folding Doors

Sliding patio doors have made a huge comeback in recent years. The evolution of aluminium has brought with it sliders with slimmer sightlines, bigger glazed areas and flush thresholds that vastly improve any room they're installed in to. They have eaten into some of the growth in the bi-folding doors market, and it was [...]

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UK Fenestration Must Do More As New UN Climate Report Warns Of “Code Red”

The most comprehensive climate change report to ever be published by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by the UN) has today warned that humanity is on "code red" and that some of the changes already taking place on the planet, like sea-level rises, are irreversible. As a sector, along with all other [...]

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What Our Sector Can Learn From Simone Biles

One of the biggest headlines from the Tokyo Olympics was the withdrawal from a number of Gymnastics events by American superstar Simone Biles. The highly successful athlete withdrew from competitions due to mental health problems. This was the first such occasion that such a high profile sports start would withdraw from the biggest event [...]

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It’s Coming Home! FENEX Announces 2023 In-Person Exhibition At Telford International Centre

This time it really is coming home! FENEX, the UK fenestration sector’s first virtual exhibition platform, is responding to clear demand and will host its first every in-person expo at the popular Telford International Centre in April of 2023. In previous shows, the UK fenestration sector made the Telford International Centre it's home. There [...]

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Could The Fenestration Sector Be Forced To Look For Alternatives To Steel?

Steel right now is expensive. Very expensive. To give you an idea as to how much the cost of steel has risen over the past year or so... April 2020: $372.5 PT May 2021: $794 PT In percentage terms, the cost of steel per ton in [...]

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FIT Show Postponed To May 2022

The almost inevitable news came on Monday that the FIT Show, already postponed once due to the pandemic, has been pushed back again to May 2022. Against a backdrop of high case numbers, a supply chain that is crippled in most parts and the surreal situation that no one really wants or needs new [...]

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