Easter Gets In The Way

I don't know about you, but Easter is more of a hinderence than a help. Just as we start to get into the full flow of the year, the Easter break brings fresh logistical problems to the whole system! I think this year, more than any in the last few, we need continuous and relentless [...]

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Easter Break: Good Or Bad?

The Easter break is almost upon us and is the first major holiday in the calendar. But in my experience, most people in our industry find it a chore rather than helpful. In fact most people have said that they would rather work it and take the other two days off at some other point [...]

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>The Bank Holiday Effect

>We are now part way through this strange period of time through the year where all the bank holidays seem to have come all at once. Many thought that with people booking the three days off between the two sets of bank holidays, the economy would suffer as Britain took 11 days off work.But, I'm [...]

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