The Easter break is almost upon us and is the first major holiday in the calendar. But in my experience, most people in our industry find it a chore rather than helpful. In fact most people have said that they would rather work it and take the other two days off at some other point during the year! We’re a hard working bunch us ;)

I think the reason is the weekend is spread over four days, including the Friday and Monday, which means two weeks disrupted. Most people’s grievances are the inability to plan fitting properly for those two weeks and all the other logistical issues that accompany it. Are we just being boring and focusing too much on work or do we need to care a little less and appreciate the time off that comes our way?

Last year, when I was a little less busy, single and only had work to focus on, I would have been in the ‘Easter is a pain’ group. I just wanted to work as much as possible, earn as much as possible and carry on as normal. But now, with the blog side of things keeping me busier, business being brisk and have a lovely girlfriend, I appreciate any spare time off I can get. My workload has gone up, but my point of view on Easter has changed. I look forward to time off whenever I can get it. I still love working, but I’ve learned to appreciate the time off!

Easter. Yes it mucks up your work schedule a bit, but it’s only once a year, and there’s more important things!

One last point. If you’re on Twitter and follow me and a few of my friends on there, you’ll know that a few weeks ago we tried to get the hashtag #stopthespam trending on Twitter in an attempt to send a message to the top people at Twitter that they need to do more to block the many spam accounts that plague our followers lists and mentions! Well Good Friday is the day where we try and get this hashtag trending properly. All you need to do is add the hashtag #stopthespam at the end of all your tweets just on that day and get people talking about it. Lets face it, its Good Friday, most of you won’t be working so will have plenty of time to do it! Just think of the sense of achievement you’ll have if you participate in something that gets trending! Your help in this would be greatly appreciated!