Could The National Living Wage Be Harmful To Window And Door Companies?

Most of us should all now have heard of the Government's new National Living Wage. This is not to be confused with the voluntary Living Wage which is promoted by the Living Wage Foundation. It is the latter which increased by 40p on Monday. The National Living Wage is going to be introduced by Government [...]

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What Does The B&Q Closures Say About Trade Work?

A little while ago it was announced that Kingfisher, owners of the B&Q chain, was to close 60 of it's stores across the UK. The group reported profits of £664m for 2014, down 15.2% on the year previous. But it wasn't all bad news. Kingfisher also owns the trade outlet chain Screwfix. They also announced [...]

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Who Would You Vote For?

There is just over 40 days left until one of the most unpredictable and important General Elections in decades. Whether you're interested in politics or not, this industry is directly affected by the policies and decisions this, and all governments will take. Our votes, and how we run ourselves and our businesses, will depend on [...]

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One Rather Serious Side Effect To Cheap Oil Prices

The massive drop in oil prices has been rather welcome for us lot in the West hasn't it. The price of everyday goods has dropped. The weekly shop costs you less, so does filling up the car at the petrol station. It's taken off some of the financial pressure and given us a few quid [...]

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Christmas Eve Disaster As City Link Goes Into Administration

Christmas is a time when most us look forward to spending some quality time at home with friends and family, safe in the knowledge that all is well in our little worlds. However, for the workers of parcel delivery company City Link, Christmas was about to be ruined for over 3000 families. Administration on Christmas [...]

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Energy Surcharges Have To Go

This is an issue that I think we all need to be paying a bit more attention to. Especially in the coming months. It's been impossible to avoid the news about falling oil and fuel prices. This will be welcome news to everyone as everyday goods start to fall in price, and the cost to [...]

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Inflation Down To 1%, This Could Be Good For Business In 2015

If you have kept an eye on the news on Tuesday, you'll know that inflation has fallen to just 1%. It's not been that low for a staggering 12 years. The drop is due to free-falling fuel prices and a steady drop in food prices too. This is good news for consumers, and for us [...]

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The Problem With New-Build Housing

The Government wants and needs to build a lot more new homes so the quickly growing population has somewhere to spread out into. That's fine, I don't think anyone can say that this doesn't need to happen. But what is concerning me is the quality to which these new houses are being built. They're not [...]

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Oil Price Continues To Slide, But What Impact At The Pumps?

If you're into your business news and keep an eye on what is going up and what is going down, you'll know that when it comes to the price of oil, it has been down, and been going down for months. In fact it has dropped 40% since June. At the time of writing, these [...]

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David Cameron Gives Warning On Global Economy

The Monday morning news started the week in the same mood many of us feel about Mondays in general, miserable. It was due to the article David Cameron had written in the Guardian newspaper, warning that the global economy was facing another financial and economic crisis. And just when we thought we were doing so [...]

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Fuel Prices Set To Drop To £1 A Litre…But There Is A Catch

It really is a great time to be a shopper. With the economy recovering, jobs being created and inflation falling every month, price of every day items are falling. Add to that a price war between all the major supermarkets, you really do get value for money when it comes to doing the weekly shop. One [...]

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back In The Water…

I think we may have been starting to get used to hearing repeated positive storied about the health of the British economic recovery. For at least 18 months we've had various reports from various bodies which have told us that the UK economy is back on the right road and we can start to relax [...]

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Britain’s Economy Now Above Pre-Recession Peak

It was confirmed on Friday that the UK's economy had now reached the same GDP levels before the recession hit in 2008, and had actually just edged ahead of that level by 0.2%. The Office for National Statistics announced that GDP in the second quarter to June rose by 0.8%. They also said that the [...]

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Has The Installation Market Peaked Already?

I read something the other day that took me a little by surprise, and it was the suggestion that the installations market may have already peaked. The other day FENSA had released a press release showing less than impressive installation registrations. I would love to tell you those figures exactly but I cannot find the [...]

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