Ukraine Crisis

NSG Group Leaves Russia

It could be said that it is better late than never, but NSG Group, owners of Pilkington UK, have announced that they have sold off it's joint venture business in Russia and have exited the country. They join others such as Guardian Glass, REHAU, Velux, and more in closing down businesses in Russia in [...]

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REHAU To Sell Its Business In Russia

The war in Ukraine continues to have effects in all sorts of sectors around the world. In an announcement on Friday, REHAU, one of the first fenestration systems companies to declare a cessation to work in Russia, has stated that it is to sell its business in Russia. REHAU statement REHAU made the announcement [...]

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Guardian Glass Seeking Ways To Exit Russian Facilities

The war in Ukraine continues to cause heartbreaking death and destruction across the country. It is also causing mayhem and disruption for businesses of all kinds across a variety of different sectors. Fenestration is not immune from that disruption. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, a number of companies in the fenestration space [...]

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REHAU Group Suspends Operations In Russia

This is a statement from REHAU with regards to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and their operations in Russia: We have seen the development of the crisis and the suffering of the people in Ukraine with shock and great concern. As a company that operates in Ukraine, as well as in Russia and [...]

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Markets Are Beginning To Break And It Will Affect Everything

The war in Ukraine grinds on, and with each day the humanitarian crisis grows. Millions of people are being displaced within the country and are fleeing to their neighbours in Eastern Europe. But as the war in Ukraine continues, the fallout of the conflict is now very much working its way into various markets [...]

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profine Group Launches #FenestrationForUkraine Effort

profine Group and their KÖMMERLING Better World Stiftung foundation have pledged €150,000 towards a humanitarian effort involving the purchase of urgent goods for the people and communities of Ukraine. They are now urging the UK fenestration market to get behind #FenestrationForUkraine through a dedicated JustGiving page at and by searching for FenestrationForUkraine. As [...]

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Glass Energy Surcharge Reductions May Not Last

It seems rather frivolous and frankly quite pathetic to be talking about glass energy surcharges when you consider the carnage and suffering that is being endured by the Ukrainian people right now. But the war in Ukraine is a conflict that will have effects around the world, and UK fenestration will not be immune [...]

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