UK Property Problems Continue To Pose Biggest Threat To The UK Economy

Whilst the economy continue to steam ahead in recovery, there remains one area of concern that if not addressed soon could derail the UK economy and it's surprisingly strong recovery. Massive Price Disparity It's only bricks and mortar, yet in varying places in the UK, it is worth far more than in other places. [...]

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The UK Housing Market Is Booming, And It’s Our Biggest Risk

We see it in the papers nearly every week: "house prices on the up" or "property prices booming" or something else of that ilk. And if you're a homeowner this might sound good news. Your house is increasing in value therefore you're probably sitting on a profit right now if you decided to sell up [...]

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FENSA Reports A Full Year Of Growth

Are we allowed to relax now? FENSA has reported a fourth consecutive quarter of growth in the industry, according to it's latest figures. January installations were up 11.3%, February up 6.6% and March up 7.6% compared to the same months last year. This represents the best first quarter since 2011. These figures are based on window [...]

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Last Of The Month

It seems hard to believe but we are already at the end of another month. Today is Halloween so forgive me for slipping in a few scarily thought out puns throughout this post! It's frightening to think how quickly time seems to have gone so far this year. It only seems like last month we [...]

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UK Recovery Gains Momentum

It was announced on Friday that the UK economy grew 0.8% in the last quarter. It might not seem that astronomical in the grand scheme of things but when you look at the last few years, 0.8% is practically Chinese levels of growth! For those who follow the financial news, you will know that various [...]

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To Raise A Ceiling

Those of you who bothered to watch the news Monday night will have seen the growing news channel coverage of the impending Government shutdown. Now a disclaimer right now, this has been written BEFORE that particular deadline. So if they managed to sort it and I'm asleep, I shall post an update correcting whatever is [...]

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Economy On The Road To Recovery?

GOOD NEWS! Today it was announced that the economy grew by a barn storming 0.6% in the second quarter of this year! This follows on from a 0.3% rise in GDP in the first quarter of the year. So, total growth of 0.9% for the year so far. That's not bad going compared to the [...]

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Construction At 15 Year Low

Tuesday morning saw the release of the latest construction and GDP figures. There is good news and some very bad news. The good news is that it is looking more and more likely that Britain wasn't actually in a double-dip recession after all. Some closer inspection of the data from that time shows that the [...]

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The Autumn Statement

Well, it's that time of year guys and gals! It's time for the Chancellor George Osbourne to let us all know how good...sorry, bad we're doing as an economy and what he's going to try and do to make it better. I'll be posting updates of the most important and eye catching stuff here, so [...]

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Industry Growth Or Not?

I got a bit confused the other day. Doesn't take much sometimes! I'll explain why... The most recent market report from Market & Business Development (MBD) has said that the industry is now worth a combined total of £3.2billion. Growth in the industry was restricted at 1%, but growth in a market where the economy [...]

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Comet To Disappear From The High Street

Today we had the news that one of the biggest companies on our high streets and retail parks is about to disappear for good altogether. Comet confirmed that they will be formally appointing administrators next week. Deloitte, the company that will be appointed as administrators, are hoping that the business can be sold as a [...]

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The Rush For Christmas

The middle to back end of October saw a quiet period. It was the first real quiet period we had had all year really. I expected it to be honest, it had to die down at some point. The focus has shifted from household items to toys and presents in the run up to Christmas. [...]

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