Brisant Reduces Prices Due To Steady Recovery In Sterling

In what I believe to be an industry first, Brisant, makers of the highly successful Ultion door cylinder, have announced that they are to reduce their prices by 2.5% due to the slight recovery in Sterling. In recent weeks the value of Sterling against the Dollar has risen steadily. A few weeks ago it [...]

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Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Business!

A little over a week ago I published a post called "Sterling Falls Further, Why I'm Not Worried". It sparked a debate on Twitter that I perhaps had not expected to be so strong. There are still very strong feelings for many about Brexit, especially with the glazing industry's manufacturing sector as Sterling comes [...]

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DGB Brexit: Sterling Falls Further, I’m Not Worried

The value of Sterling against the Dollar and the Euro continues it's steady fall. It's not in free-fall, and it's still miles away from it's 1985 low of $1.08. The headlines in the media though have been hard to avoid. There is even a sense of panic. But rather than listen to media hype, which [...]

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PM May To Trigger Article 50 “Before End Of March 2017”

One of the biggest questions since the UK voted to leave the European Union is when will the process to leave actually begin? It's all down to something called Article 50. The part of the EU regulations that has to be enacted, or triggered, in order for a country to begin formal negotiations with the [...]

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Brexit: UK Economic Apocalypse Didn’t Happen

Two and a half months on from perhaps the most momentous vote taken in over 40 years, the British economy, despite apocalyptic predictions from almost all financial institutions, still stands strong. The much talked about economic collapse has not happened. So where are we now? Calm after initial jitters As expected, financial markets around the [...]

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Elephants In The Room

In a continuation of the Brexit debate and the ramifications for our industry and the wider economy, MD of Deceuninck UK weighs in on the subject of price increases, house building and the wider economy. Stock markets generally have recovered their shock at voters’ decision to Brexit, but construction and housebuilder shares are in the [...]

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Brexit: Business As Usual For FIT Show Post Brexit Vote As Exhibition Looks To Build International Audience

As expected, as the days and weeks zip on by, and with the political landscape of the UK seemingly changing on a daily basis, business leaders from the UK fenestration sector are going to the market with statements and press releases explaining their position since the Brexit vote. The latest to add their comments to [...]

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Has Business Activity Dropped Since The Brexit Vote?

The one topic that has dominated the national conversation since June 23rd is the EU referendum result and the UK's decision to leave the European Union. To cover this momentous decision, I have set up a dedicated EU Referendum area on this website which will chart the course of this subject with independent opinion, analysis, [...]

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Deceuninck’s Roy Frost On Brexit: “Its Business As Usual”

Voters’ decision to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum caught commentators and the political establishment by surprise. We were warned about short term volatility in shares and exchange rates and we got them. A week after, the FTSE 100 stock market had its best day for five years. The following day it fell back [...]

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GGF: Open Minded About #Brexit

As the realization of Brexit starts to sink in with the business community, we're starting to see businesses and business leaders give their initial reactions to perhaps the biggest political and economical upheaval since the second World War. First up, the GGF with their statement: Following last week’s EU Referendum and with the UK population [...]

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For Gods Sake, Someone Do Something

Spoiler alert, this is not going to be a bright and breezy post for your Tuesday morning read! The national mood could not be lower than it is right now Well, last night I think I watched perhaps the worst game of football I have ever wasted my time on. England were beaten 2-1 by [...]

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What Brexit Could Mean For The Window Industry

Well there is no other news in the world right now, so it makes sense to go with it. Leaving the EU will have implications of all kinds on all areas of the UK, including the window and door industry, so with this post I aim to try and explore a few of the areas [...]

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The UK Votes To Leave The European Union

Wow. Overnight there was an earthquake. Not a physical one of course, but a political one that will have ramifications in this country, in Europe, in the EU and around the world. The status quo is no more and the British public have voted to leave the EU. Or perhaps it's not quite as clear [...]

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It’s Finally The #EUref This Week

It feels like we've been talking about this forever, but it's finally here, the week in which the UK will go to the polls once again to decide on whether we stay part of the EU or to leave it. After some quite frankly awful campaigning from both sides, I am fairly sure that most [...]

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