Oil Price Continues To Slide, But What Impact At The Pumps?

If you're into your business news and keep an eye on what is going up and what is going down, you'll know that when it comes to the price of oil, it has been down, and been going down for months. In fact it has dropped 40% since June. At the time of writing, these [...]

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Future Deliveries

I tackled the issue of fuel costs on this site a few days ago. In it I explained that the high cost of fuel is crippling people and businesses and that the situation will son become unsustainable. Clearly, the country and it's economy needs to keep going, even when we all move beyond the point [...]

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Fuel Rant!

I know I have mentioned this topic more than once, but this really is a pressing issue and one that the whole of the British economy really does hinges on. The price of fuel is now at an all time high. A litre of petrol at my local Morrisons is now 138.9p, with diesel now [...]

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What To Do During A Fuel Crisis

Whoever you blame for this recent spate of fuel panic buying, all parties involved seem determined to bring chaos to Britain as it did in 2000. Last time there was a fuel shortage schools had to close, people didn't go to work, queues for petrol ran into the miles, businesses struggled and the emergency services [...]

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