Why I Don’t Agree With Extra Long Guarantees

Guarantees seem to be getting longer these days. 10 years for a guarantee seems to be a tad underwhelming now. Yet, when you compare a standard 10 year guarantee to other purchases a homeowner will make, such as a car, electrical appliance or a sofa, that 10 years guarantee we give for windows suddenly looks [...]

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Guarantees Are Too Long

I was browsing the industry websites on Monday night - as you do - and saw a couple of adverts which said "extended guarantee". It made my head scratch a bit. I think we are all of the opinion that when it comes to guarantees, our industry is lumbered with one of the longest ones [...]

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>Another Ridiculous Guarantee

>Weeks after Everest's 46 year guarantee offer ended, they are now going one silly step further and offering lifetime guarantees for those that sign up with them throughout June (though I'm sure there will be many terms and conditions attached to it so that they can get out of most of the responsibilities).To be fair [...]

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