FENSA Appoints New Director of Membership To “Deliver Enhanced Services for Members”

FENSA have appointed a new Director. Here is the official press release: FENSA, the Government authorised self-certification scheme for windows and doors installers, today announces the appointment of Chris Beedel to the role of Director of Membership. Chris will play a key role as FENSA launches several new services for its members over the [...]

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FENSA Announce Bigger Approved IBG List

The June 6th deadline has now passed for all window and door installation companies to have passed their MTC inspections. As you will also know, a few days ago FENSA published a list of approved IBG companies that we all had to use, or swap over to if we didn't already use them. That list [...]

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FENSA To Freeze Accounts From 9th June

If you still haven't completed your MTC transition inspections then you really need to get your arse in gear! If you don't, then you risk your FENSA account being frozen from Monday 9th June. This is the information according to FENSA: From the 9th June 2014 FENSA will freeze your accounts. To unfreeze your account, you will [...]

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FENSA To Raise Annual Registration Fee

Many of you may have had in your inboxes today an email from FENSA to say they are putting the price of their annual registration fee up from £100 to £120. For those that have not seen the email, this is what it says: FENSA is reluctantly introducing a price increase for the annual registration [...]

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Growing Pressure For Quality Checks

This issue has been rumbling on over the last few weeks. The issue being less than reputable companies being allowed to be FENSA or Certass registered, causing damage to the reputation both of FENSA, the other industry bodies and the industry in general. Well I believe that there is pressure growing and that something needs [...]

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Ever Wondered How Many Members There Are?

I asked FENSA and Certass recently on Twitter how many members each of them had. Certass didn't have the numbers to hand, but FENSA did tweet me this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/competent-person-self-certification-schemes-statistics It then led me to a spreadsheet showing exactly how many members each organisation has, up to September 30th 2012. I have it on PDF if [...]

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Industry Growth Or Not?

I got a bit confused the other day. Doesn't take much sometimes! I'll explain why... The most recent market report from Market & Business Development (MBD) has said that the industry is now worth a combined total of £3.2billion. Growth in the industry was restricted at 1%, but growth in a market where the economy [...]

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FENSA CEO Graham Hinett To Retire

FENSA CEO, Graham Hinett, is set to retire after ten years in the big chair. Chris Mayne, Graham's General Manager will be taking the reigns when he steps down and will report to GGF big cheese Nigel Rees. He retires after seeing FENSA become one of the biggest organizations in the whole of the double [...]

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Time To Start Reporting

Let me ask you a question. How many times, when you see your competitors doing a job illegally, do you contact FENSA or Certass to report it? Most of you will probably say 'not that often'. Most believe that if you report bad jobs to the relevant authorities nothing gets done. I can verify that [...]

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>Open Letter to FENSA

> Dear FENSA As you are probably aware, the discussion on Twitter and my blog today has been about the illegality of windows with uni-blinds/integral blinds as according to a FENSA inspector yesterday, they don't meet the correct energy requirements. The subject came up yesterday as the company I work for had one of our [...]

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>Uni-Blinds And Energy Efficiency

> Well, today the uncertainty of what was classed as energy efficient and what wasn't reared it's head again today, thanks to the chance visit of a FENSA inspector on one of our installations. The topic of Uni-Blinds, the Pellini Italian blinds within double glazed units, came up between one of our installers and a [...]

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