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Definition: fenestration – “the arrangement, proportioning, and design of windows and doors in a building”

DGBInsights is the bridge between the industry and the public. Providing a better picture of the UK fenestration market.


image of a trickle vent

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents may be about to play a bigger role than ever when it comes to new windows. Find out more, and how new regulations may affect you.

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Lintels form an important part of every home and window and door installation. Click to learn more about them and why they matter.

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Saving Energy

New energy-efficient windows and doors play a vital role in reducing energy bills and our carbon footprint. Find out more about how much money you can save through investing in new windows and doors.

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External condensation

Had new energy-efficient windows fitted in the last few years? Are they getting external condensation during the Autumn and Spring? Find out more about this phenomenon and what, if anything, can be done about it.


Find answers to some commonly asked questions and queries about the window and door industry

How its is made

Ever wondered how windows and doors are actually made? Check out these videos to see how it all comes together

Hints & tips

Find out how to maintain your windows and doors, how to go about choosing the right company and much more!

News & Articles

Fensa vs Certass

FENSA and Certass are two of the industry’s biggest self-certification bodies. Their aim is to keep the industry working to the right laws and standards. But what is the difference between the two? If you’re in the market for new windows and doors, this is a must read!


Lintels are a vital element to your home and to windows and doors. Find out more about them here, including information on where they are needed and if you need them when replacing your windows and doors.

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In the market for new windows and doors? Take a look at a growing portfolio of amazing work guaranteed to give you some inspiration!


The supply chain

Find out where your windows and doors start life, and everything else after!


Read a detailed guide on how to maintain your windows and doors

Energy efficiency

Discover the science that makes modern windows so energy efficient

DoubleGlazingBlogger (DGB) was created on March 10th 2009 as a place to air my views, opinions and frustrations on the UK fenestration market. Working within the industry in my family run window and door installation company, I get a unique insight into how the industry works, especially the installations area.

In the six years writing and developing this site, I have seen the industry go from boom, to bust and now into recovery. It has changed the way our industry works and has evolved so quickly in such a short space of time. DGB has allowed me to access all areas of our industry, learn, and even become a voice that people listen to. Whether they all agree is another matter!

The materials

Find out the pros and cons of each main window and door materials and help decide which type of windows and doors are best for you


Discover the best bits of PVCu windows and doors and see if they could be right for your home.


Thinking of buying new windows and doors? See if aluminium is right for you.


Could the oldest window and door material be right for your new windows and doors?

Polls – only for home owners!

We are currently running a range of polls that we’d love to have your feedback on. Choose your poll and vote away!

How To

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Fancy a bit of DIY?

This new feature on DGB Consumer will help show you how to achieve the smaller tasks around windows and doors, and maybe save you a few quid too!

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