Looking in the various magazines, websites and getting feedback from others, the general consensus is that lead numbers are at roughly the same level as last year (if not a tad higher at some companies), but turnover is down.

It seems more often than ever before that customers are shopping around to find the cheapest prices and what they can get for their money, and quite right. Times are hard and belts are as tight as they’ll go.

So the onus is now on each and every company to really sell the benefits of their products, to show them what their products do better than the other companies’ down the road. For me, its energy rated windows, or more specifically ‘A’ rated windows. Our ‘A’ rated windows aren’t much more expensive than a standard window, which gives me the great USP of: ‘spend a little bit extra, save a whole lot more in the long run’.

It’s things like this which ensure we maintain an excellent conversion rate. Even when customers come to us and say they aren’t looking to spend a fortune, they often place orders with us knowing that even though we were probably a bit more expensive than the others, the product we are able to offer them is of a much higher quality and will lower their energy bills drastically in the years to come.

It’s survival of the fittest at the moment, and it’s how you sell the benefits of your product which is going to play a big part in whether a company survives or dies.