Figures released today show that RPI measure of inflation for the UK has fallen to zilch percent. On top of that interest rates are practically at zero too. So with the price of living coming down, and all the government initiatives to try to get people spending again, I’ve failed to witness any marked increase in activity in the double glazing industry.

In my eyes, to really make a difference in this market place, the government needs to do what its done with things like the cavity wall and roof insulation markets, give us a 5% VAT rate on all energy rated windows. The 2.5% decrease in VAT last December did nothing to spark the sending spree the government wanted, neither did it spark any sort of spending spree for windows and doors. Energy saving windows is the sole direction this market is going to follow, a 5% VAT rate on all energy saving products would not only help the general public in being able to afford these brilliant innovations, but it would give those companies who are selling energy rated products a huge selling point.

For those who aren’t yet geared up for selling and installing energy rated windows, a 5% VAT rate may be the final push they needed to start to incorporate WER products into their portfolio. There’s an advantage for the government here too. The more companies that install energy rated products, the closer they are to achieving their carbon emission targets!

So its frustrating as well perplexing as to why we as an industry have been ignored. Just like the Fighting Back With Facts campaign, perhaps we need to create an industry wide effort to get our voices heard.