Last Thursday I gained the order of a young couple who as well as ourselves had Everest in to quote them. Now as I’ve already written about before, we don’t operate by giving false discounts or ‘deals’, Everest on the other hand do. But their take on this tactic seems to be the most extreme compared to others. My quote for the work involved came in at just over £3100, which later went up when the customers decided to change the specification, finally coming to just under £3900. Everest on the other hand (and this is from the customer’s mouth) started at £12,000! This quickly came down to £5500, but only if they signed right there and then, and that’s without the extras they picked with me!

Customers are not daft! Customers were not born yesterday! They are fully aware of the tactics played, especially when they are as extreme as this. The customer later told us that they could see our product was better than theirs, but also that the rep from Everest could not explain why their product would benefit them more than ours.

I find it astounding that this company continues to operate the same OTT techniques in times as trying as these. Pushy salesmen, aggressive sales tactics and ridiculous faked discounts will not work anymore; this is a different climate, requiring a different approach, especially to those of the younger generation genuinely looking to pay a reasonable amount of money for excellent service and product.