Again my over active brain has been looking into the future, and if you ask me, our industry looks set to explode into life in the next few years. Here’s why I think why:

1. The focus on energy efficiency is only going to be come stronger, and more recognised, in all areas of our life. Take cars for example, any new car that is now being produced is being made with energy saving and carbon cutting measures in mind. The more educated the public become about energy efficiency, and how double glazing can add to significant reductions on carbon emissions in the home and save the customer money, demand will surely only go sky high. But it won’t be just be restricted to old tattered wood windows, it will open up a whole new replacement market, encompassing 2nd or 3rd generation replacement PVCu or aluminium installations. This is a massive business opportunity.

2. Our time will come. There has been such a big focus on grants for cavity wall insulation, new boilers and loft insulation, the end result will be that the last thing left for householders to replace or upgrade in their home will be the windows and doors. Once all the above is out of the public’s system, double glazing companies may see a rise in inquiries.

3. The winter will cease to become the worst months of the year, well in my opinion! The focus on energy efficiency and warmth, may just galvanise the minds of some consumers to ‘feel the benefit’ and replace their existing windows during the winter.

This, coupled with an economic recovery which I think will be more robust than others think, will give a significant boost to our industry. It’s up to us to take the bull by the horns and properly take advantage of it.