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>Why Advertising Does Not Work

>Flicking through the TV channels last night, I heard a rather interesting theory which went on to explain that advertising may not actually work.I forget exactly how the explanation of that theory goes (think it's called Game Theory, created by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern in 1944), but I do know how it was [...]

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>All Calm

>The worst of the cold snap seems to have passed now, so hopefully we can look forward to a much more productive week at work. One thing I did notice this week as the latest Everest advert advertising a window scrappage scheme. Looking at the fine print on the ad they will give you up [...]

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>Anglian TV Advert Claiming A Government Scrappage Scheme?

>Jesus I'm churning out the posts!I had a browse on just now and Chris from DIY Conservatories has just talked about something which I also noticed the other day.Anglian's latest TV advert has been claiming of a scrappage scheme. Now whether they are advertising their own scrappage scheme as a tarted up offer, or [...]

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>It's times like these I'm glad to be working for one of the smaller firms in West Yorkshire. Unlike a lot of the bigger double glazing firms, especially the larger regional and national companies, we don't have the large overheads. We don't have to rely big TV advertising campaigns or big newspaper ads to get [...]

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