The latest company bankruptcy figures from http://www.double-glazing-forum.com/ show a sharp drop in the number of bankruptcies in October.

Over the last six months, apart from September which looks to have been a bit of an anomaly, the rate in which businesses have ceased trading in our industry has dropped dramatically. This gives us yet more hope and actual evidence that the road to recovery isn’t far away now, and that the effects of the recession seem to be leveling out and coming to a sluggish end.

This can be backed up by the level of activity we are experiencing at the moment. We have unusually good sales numbers for this time of year. By now things should be dropping off, but it isn’t quite yet. We are now full for fitting and are now starting to book work on for the New Year. Much better than this time last year!

We can only hope then that this trend of falling bankruptcy numbers and increasing sales figures continues. Personally, I think next year is going to be a good one, tough yes, but not as frantic or stressful, and hopefully a lot more enjoyable! Has anyone else experienced unusually good numbers for this time of year?