We all know the weaknesses that lie in a standard Europrofile cylinder, which is why we all use different versions of the cylinder to combat the various methods of attack from burglars. Well we have heard on the grapevine, and backed up by our lock suppliers, that Trading Standards is pushing through legislation to make it illegal to use a standard Europrofile door cylinder, for those that do fit insecure cylinders, it will become a sue-able offence.

This is great news to all those that have been using some form an anti-bump/pick/snap cylinder as it will force other companies to raise their prices by having to use the more secure cylinder type (although everyone should be using a mor secure cylinder anyway).

Further door security related news, we have been investigating a new form of door security which could render certain parts of traditional door locking functions pointless. I don’t want to say much now as I don’t want to give away any selling advantage to any competitors (namely RCG and WYW!). But if/when we start using it I’ll let it be known how good it is. According to some it will be the next best thing. RCG better put out some moles!