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Remote Locking From America

Take a look at this: America looks like they're now getting into the swing of things when it comes to remote locking and unlocking. You have to admit, as far as keyless locking goes, the Kevo does look pretty funky! The device relies however on your smartphone coming with Bluetooth 4.0, so if you [...]

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Opening Doors A Different Way

Mechanical locks. They have been the absolute way to open any door in this country for century after century. From the humble home to some of the most secure and ancient buildings, traditional locks and keys have kept what's inside protected. But the rapid technological advancements in pretty much all areas has meant a whole [...]

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>Police Crime Maps Could Help Sell

>There were a few grumbles yesterday at the launching of the Police Crime Maps, showing the amount of crime in any area and the types of crimes begin committed. But I think the industry could use this information to their advantage. Being able to physically show customers the crime levels in their area may give [...]

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>Standard Europrofile Door Cylinders To Become Illegal

>We all know the weaknesses that lie in a standard Europrofile cylinder, which is why we all use different versions of the cylinder to combat the various methods of attack from burglars. Well we have heard on the grapevine, and backed up by our lock suppliers, that Trading Standards is pushing through legislation to make [...]

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