Since March 2005 we have been using a Break Secure door cylinder to combat burglar break-ins through cylinder attack. And up until this point we thought they were pretty much burglar proof. Well to a point. We knew that at some point burglars would find a way round to break the Break Secure door cylinder. Unfortunately that time has come. Over the Christmas period we had a speight of break-ins through cylinder attack. Some through normal Europrofile cylinders, but a couple were through Break Secure door cylinders. I’m not going to publicise how they did it for obvious reasons. But from this point we have dropped the Break Secure door cylinder for an updated model, for roughly the same cost too.

Again for obvious reasons I’m not going to say what we are using, otherwise our selling advantage would disappear! But I would suggest those using similar models at the moment look into changing them. News like this travels fast in the criminal community, so it won’t be long till customers get wind that the first generation of Break Secure door cylinders aren’t so burglar proof now.