As the worst of the weather has passed, this week is shaping up to be very promising. The appointments haven’t been hammering in, but they have been quality ones, which is the most important. We are positioned to be signing up quite a number of customers, and personally I could be on one of my best weeks of my career so far.

Today I also went on the biggest job I’ve measured as of yet, which was an old chapel being converted into flats. That took me two hours with the help of one of the fitters making sure I didn’t miss any potential fitting issues out. Needless to say there is an abundance of work just in this single job, and will take me a while just to prepare the paper work for it.

The quality of the leads that have been coming in so far is what has given me most of my optimism. The beginning of 2009 brought very scrappy leads with perhaps only a couple of windows or just a door to measure up for. Not that that was to be sniffed at when they came in, but it wasn’t really enough to earn a decent wage. But this time it’s all been full houses or similar. I’m now in a much better position to make good money.

What would still be interesting to know is how hard the industry is going to be through January. The weather may have killed a lot of struggling companies off. Christmas will have been a hard for a lot of companies, but with such a slow start to 2010, that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

While it is getting busier, I’m finding less time to work on the modifications to the showroom. We want three new doors, two of which will be black, one of which we will be designing with our own new glass design that will be unique to our doors. As well as that we want some bi-folding doors and tons of new glass designs to go into our existing doors in the showroom. Lot’s of late ones needed I think if I’m to get all this done!